Cooper Howard Pre-War Cowboy Outfit - Fallout


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So, after about a year after making my Book of Boba Fett Cad Bane costume, the urge to make another western/cowboy style costume has resurfaced. While the full “Ghoul-appearance” is tempting, I’ll instead be doing Cooper Howard’s pre-war outfit as seen in the opening and flashback sequences in the Fallout show. I won’t be going for full accuracy in an attempt to not spend too much on a project for once.

I’m planning to make the leather rig and hat myself and I’ll probably try to get some generic brown pants and leather boots that fits the overall vibe.
For the shirt I happened to have a vintage (probably 70s) blue western style shirt that I had bought years ago.

After seam-ripping of the chest pockets and the lovely floral pattern panels, I was able to start adding yellow trim to the collar and around the button closure-tab.

I also added the collar-logo by making a svg-file with fusion (360) that I then cut out with my vinyl cutter as a stencil and airbrushed on to the collar. Feel free to use the svg-file as you like!

The cuffs were left as is since they’ll give the cuffs some structure and will be covered with yellow fabric later on anyways.



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Yellow panels with the fringe trim added! Definitely not my best sewing at display here, would have probably been easier to make the shirt from scratch, but it will do fine for my purposes. Next up is doing the scorpions and adding the yellow cuffs, once i´ve acquired more of those "pearl" snap buttons. The scorpion belt buckle has also been ordered.

Totally forgot to take progress pictures, but the costume is mostly done, I won’t be able to make the holster rig in time for the convention I’m working towards, so I’ll just go without it for now, and I’ll tackle that some other time.

I opted to paint the scorpions on the shirt instead of getting them embroidered, for the sake of time. The shirt still needs the yellow cuffs.

I was going to make my own hat from scratch originally, but once again I thought it would be easier and more time effective to just buy a generic hat and modify it. I just used some steam and an iron to flatten the brim and then give it the right bend.

The belt buckle is from eBay and is mounted onto an old leather belt.

I still need to find me some fitting boots and potentially also a sheriff star.

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