Red Skull (Captain America 2011) Coat... for girls??


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Watched Captain America for the first time last night (2011 vers, not the Reb Brown one!) and thought Red Skull's coat was freaking hot... so my question is, does anyone have any tips/know of any decent tutorials for making a coat like that to fit a girlie? I'd like to make it myself, but also if there's anywhere/one that could make a replica... that would be fantastic!

I'm still fairly new to this, so please go easy :)
musicdress (seller on eBay) is who I contracted to make my coat back in may of this year.
I'd imagine if you jotted your ideas of design into a drawing; they'd be able to work with you.
They nailed my coat...nailed it. From design, production, to in my hands in about 2weeks (I did pay more for the rush).
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