Red bio help please.


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Hello . can anyone tell me if i wanted to make/convert a bio into a big red bio could i use a pred 1 style bio and put the two blobs.. (for want of a better term) on the front.... Is the P1 bio the same scale/size as the red. Hope you can understand the question. thanks. ps i'm talking about the pred against batman style bio..
Yes .. It is a P1. To be exact, Big Red was a recast of the Icons P1 bio. The "blobs" were clear acrylic half Sphears that were painted underneath to achieve the yellow coloring. Hope that helps
well yeah I probably shouldn't have meant it in that way but you know way more than
us noobs and your advice is always spot on dead end is the best fan film ever I still have the
big red on my list to make >.<
ha ..well I dont know about ALL ...but i do know a little about the DeadEnd stuff ;)
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