Red 5 art2-models second comission!!!


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Hello, everydody,
here it is our second commision for a fan in Brazil who asked un for a replica of the Red 5, Since Rodmart and I've been so busy, finally,after a month we can finallize the commission.
The photos aren't HQ since thy were taking from my blackberry :behave and not a proffesional camara.
I hope to be able take better onse tomorrow
(we totally had the best time working in this project!)

Here the pics!



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What a great job you have managed with both the kit AND the paintwork. That really is a superb RED Five.The way you have managed the slightly off colour whites and the weathering is brilliant. Wonderfull work!


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Thank you guys for your comments, we really appreciate every encouraging word.
Today I'll be taking new pictures of the finished model and I'll upload them as soon as I can.


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It's a two-man job, each takes care of a pair of wings and the fuselage is done between the two of us.
The weathering is what takes most of our time, since we try to emulate the ILM techniques.
Eventually we came up with a painting guideline for each model.

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Fantastic! One of the best X-wing paint jobs I've seen! I would love to learn more about your weathering techniques. Looks like you guys uses a lot of oil washes.