The Nostromo is supposed to be 800ft long, so it's plenty big enough. The Engine Room that you see Ripley in as she's arming, and trying to disarm, the self destruct is the same room Brett and Parker hang out in earlier in the movie, whilst making repairs on the surface, which makes sense as they are the Engineers...
The Refinery didn't have engines, just thrust ducts behind the Nostromo Engines that you can see in the shots of the Nostromo Undocking

I don't think there was any access to the refinery from the Nostromo via the umbilical and I doubt they would have put life support in to an automated refinery platform, if it were at all real, of course.
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Nice work guys, some great pics of the engineering set...actually the central column thing in the middle is a re-purposed exhaust port from the docking array. I've just finished modelling it for the trench/mid section of the Refinery


Just got some more mesh stuff to add to the trench and greeblies around the edge and then I can start the detailing to the upper floor
The 4 tower structures are just place holders to block out the shapes. Think I will tackle the docking arm before tackling them though;

OK Tower 2 complete;


Front half done...needless to say, these towers change from pic to pic and during the film as well. Not just scrapping the first 'spired' version but changing the positions of the towers and rotating them, as they liked;

Fantastic modeling Geek 1138. Nostromo truck hitched to a monstrous trailer of space cracking towers. Reproduction of an iconic movie opening scene that one day may become reality accomplished by Peterbilt robots.

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