Recommendations for a model builder?


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Hi guys,

Sorrys if it's the wrong section.
I realise I don't post much here as I generally don't have much to add to the discussions that hasn't already been said. Despite that I enjoy lurking and reading and have done for many years.*

What I am after is a localish model builder who can do justice to a range of star wars models I have collected over the years. I'm in the NW of England btw but will look at posting if need be.

Anyone got any names I can try?

All the kits are resin and the first would be a Mike Salzo v3 I bought from him a few years ago. I also have a Raytheon A-wing from modelnutz and a few others I'd like building and painting in the future.

Appreciate any help you can give.

Well Chris there's plenty of guys in the north of England. Maybe try Guy Cowan. Not sure if he has the time for a commission at the mo but you could give him or Ralphee a try. Both have built fantastic v3's and and guy has done a fantastic a wing scratch build. I think Guy's in Manchester and Lee in Birmingham. If not why not give it a try yourself?

Thanks for that Simon. Ive actually sent Guy a pm just today and will ask other builders too.

I've actually been building model since early childhood as my father started my interest. Mostly aircraft and ships and then more sci fi. The problem is I have a good few half finished models and no time due to family and work. I keep looking at these thinking I can start them and see how they go but I know in all honesty they will join the half finished club. I'm trying to find time to finish a 1/96 Saturn V accurised with tower and mobile launch platform. Then a 1/72 shuttle and a bobba helmet paint to finish.

They are too valuable to me for that to happen. I'd rather see them finished properly and enjoy displaying them. Also the wife is happy for them to be displayed but not happy for me to pour time into them when there are other projects around the house!
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