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Forgot this one: prop replica prototype for a range of figures called "Space Vixens":



And this one, all made from parts found in charity shops, hence the name, "Help the Aged":


Also made from charity shop bits, "Princess Alice":




Yes, think that's it...


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Forgot this one: prop replica prototype for a range of figures called "Space Vixens":

View attachment 1352655

View attachment 1352656

And this one, all made from parts found in charity shops, hence the name, "Help the Aged":

View attachment 1352657

Also made from charity shop bits, "Princess Alice":

View attachment 1352658

View attachment 1352659

View attachment 1352660

Yes, think that's it...

Those are all awesome, but that Space Vixens one is really beautiful.


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Agreed! Your work is incredible.
the DOCTOR do you have any build pics for the Vixen prototype?

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of pictures in a hard drive crash, including the build pictures of this Raygun, from memory, the curved part of the shell was moulded in fibreglass over a former, the straight part was a piece of 3" drain pipe, the handle was layers of Chemiwood/Modelboard, and the emitter was a lathe turned piece of fast cast resin.


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All of these are amazing, so thanks for sharing! They look really fun to make too. Now I won't look at anything with a handle in quite the same way again :D


Rayguns, eh? Well, my first one from many years ago, was the Trubshaw, made from EMA/Plastruct domes and offcuts, went 'BRRRZAP!' and lit up:

View attachment 1352293

Then came the Steam Pistol, a projectile weapon, using sulphuric acid and water as propellant, firing either round or cube bullets, like the Puckle Gun:

View attachment 1352294

Two magazines, pump to prime, and an antique cutlery canteen for a box:

View attachment 1352295

The pistol itself is made from acrylic wine and champagne glasses, brass, hardwood, and bits from the bits box.

First rifle, the Thunderbuss, a sonic fowling piece:

View attachment 1352296

Mainly Plastruct tube (a local model shop had a going out of business sale), built on a rook rifle stock, more brass, bits of plastic vase, and this one lights up, and is waiting for the guts of a Minion fart gun to be added.

View attachment 1352297

Then I got asked by a famous author of far-fetched-fiction to make his wife a raygun, she, being known as Lady Raygun, got a raygun called the "Lady Raygun Lady's Raygun":

View attachment 1352298

The brief was "A feminine looking pistol with a nice box", which wasn't a double entendre (I think):

View attachment 1352299

Made from acrylic baubles, acrylic vase parts, acrylic sheet and an acrylic glass:

View attachment 1352300

I was subsequently asked to build a pistol for the aforementioned author, which became the COMMODORE:

View attachment 1352301

More acrylic baubles, and a working plasma ball, again, with an antique box, and accessories:

View attachment 1352302

Turned wooden handle, made to look like a belaying pin, in keeping with the nautical theme:

View attachment 1352654

Another commission, based on the Lady Raygun, for a gentleman in the us, as a Christmas gift from his wife:

View attachment 1352304

Actually have some better in progress shots for this one:

View attachment 1352305

View attachment 1352306

My other rifle, inspired by WETA's Pomson 3000:

View attachment 1352307

The stock has a faux Bakelite finish, or "Fakelite", as I like to call it. ;)

View attachment 1352308

This one is mainly stainless steel kitchenware, and came about because of a piece of 25mm MDF in the bin at work, which became the stock:

View attachment 1352309

Most recently, I've been working on this:

View attachment 1352310

...which may or may not be the thrower from a 1930s Dieselpunk take on the Ghostbusters Proton Pack:

View attachment 1352311

Well, that's all I can think of for now...
The one with the working plasma ball... A thing of beauty. What an amazing collection!


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We’re currently traveling around New Zealand so haven’t been in the workshop for a while. But in our travels I’ve picked up a bunch of vintage drills for ray gun builds, so hope to get some made up over the next couple months.

I picked up this open wheel metal model race car that was just begging to be messed with…


After about 3 days of tinkering…









Super stoked with this one. She’s a keeper!


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Picked up a bunch of vintage drills over the last few months. Here in NZ we’re in a full on lock down which has giving me some time to focus on getting them finished. There’s 12 in total.

First up, all metal build from a firefighters hose nozzle. Before…





This beauty weighs a tonne! Lol.
More to come…
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