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So I've decided to take a break from my Rocketeer helmet and work on a new project. You know, get the creative juices flowing and keeping an innocent helmet from getting smashed! I decided to build a line of custom, hand made ray guns. I have started fabrication on (2) guns. One is a standard size while the other is a bit smaller. Where I come from. having one gun is great, but you always wanna carry a back-up...just in case.

Here's what I have so far...


and the back-up...

So it's been a while since I last posted on this thread but here are some progress pics. This is one of 5 different style ray guns I am currently working on. This one here is somewhat inspired by the Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle (if you've never seen one google it...awesomeness).

Now the current pics are just a build up only...so the rough edges won't be there and there will be a little bit of weathering.

Thoughts are always welcome!




This is actually hand built from scratch pieces of whatever parts and pieces I had laying around. I have enough parts to do several themed ray guns. This one is my motorcycle inspired gun...based off bike below. I am working on a WWII Warhawk fighter plane inspired gun, a steampunk gun and the classic 50's gun. Going to install some leds in them for that additional cool factor. Thanks for the compliment! -Ryan

Thanks for the kind words blip! I can't wait to put up my other works in progress. I'm waiting on those until they are far along enough to see the theme for the gun. It's kinda tricky, building a ray gun with scratch parts and trying to get a themed look for it while maintaining the overall sci-fi ray gun feel of it. I'll be working on my first molds for some grips for the gun. Attempting to do unique grips matching the feel of each gun. Oh, I also have a steampunk style rifle in the works that will be complete with lights and moving gadgets. If anyone else wants to show off their ray gun, feel free to post them here!

Here's another one of my themed ray guns. This one is based off the P-40 Warhawk fighter plane. I have a love for planes from the golden age of aviation and WWII. Living near 4 aviation museums, there is plenty to gawk at and get inspiration from. Once again, FAR from completion, in the design stage only. Here are the pics, and once again, input ALWAYS welcome! -Ryan




Forgot to add the fact that the "Rudolph" looking nose will be lit up with an LED. Trying to integrate some electronics into all of my Ray Gun builds.

Here is another ray gun I have in the works. Its a throwback to the Flash Gordon/ Buck Rogers guns. Its still a WIP with some sanding, bondo and electronics to add to it. What I have so far...




AAs if I didn't have enough on my plate, I am working on a Ghostbusters themed ray gun as well. Tune in... -Ryan
In time Capt! Disclaimer: these guns are in a very rough stage. I have lots to do to these babies to get them up to par. The pics are just a "bare bones" view. Kinda giving you guys a glimpse of the road I am going down...

In time Capt! Disclaimer: these guns are in a very rough stage. I have lots to do to these babies to get them up to par. The pics are just a "bare bones" view. Kinda giving you guys a glimpse of the road I am going down...


They look awesome man. :) Great work on them. This is how I am feeling for your rayguns.:love
Here's an update of the commissioned Captain America ray gun. I started work on a paint scheme for the pistol grip. It's a rough draft, pending approval from the customer.



Thanks Dan! Your avatar reminded me that I'm a huge Star Wars fan and yet I don't have themed ray gun for it. Then again, Star Wars has so many cool guns, that it'd be hard to do a themed ray gun. We'll see...

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