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Howdy people.
Got a quick question about the neck diameter of the V2 saber.
The MR replica has it at .75" but I saw an old build thread over on Rebelscum where they were saying it was less than .7". I think it was closer to 5/8".
The links to the blueprints they were using are all dead now so I don't know where they came from.
This pic almost makes it look like the neck is actually two different diameters with the section toward the emitter being very slightly larger than the next section back.

Can someone please verify the diameter for me and provide a link to something definitive?
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According Darth Saber's blueprint of the Obi/Luke shared stunt (I don't have the v2, but they're from the same mold, so...) has a neck diameter of 17mm, which should be 11/16". The apparent disparity in the neck size from one side to the other is probably an optical illusion created by the shoulder under the windvane, or the way the picture is presented.

Correction: Upon closer inspection of the blueprint, the section between the emitter and windvane is 17mm while the section between the windvane and forward grip is 18mm. While it looks thicker it is, in fact, thinner!
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