Question - Where Did You Get Your Board Name From?


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My last name is Hebein but people always have the hardest time pronouncing it. I think my last name is awesome and the Terminator is a bad-ass so I combined the two for Hebinator. I have been using Hebinator as my online name since my birth on the Internet :).


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Ok, I'll throw down.

I'm a little fan of mythology (not specifically ancient Egypt) and Sci-Fi, so when I started gaming I used Anubis. When the community got bigger than just friends it was harder and harder to use it so I went through a couple of variations and thought this one was the most appropriate. I’ve even wrote a short essay for Mythology on what it means to me.

Master has a few meanings for me on a personally level. The Master is Doctor Who's lifelong nemesis and a psychopath. I’m also good at a lot of things I do. So, It’s also kind of a reflection of the “jack of all trades, master of none”.

Anubis will take your heart and weight it in judgment of you. The heavy hearted go to the underworld. I wanted to facilitate passage of my enemies to hell... so Anubis seemed good. It also covers my god complex.

Having MasterAnubis is unique enough that I get it on almost everything I want to log onto, so I use it. It’s all my forum logins. Other places that are more global in usage I can usually add a 1 to it and be fine (1 = won. hehe).



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I can't believe I have never seen this thread before :) I like the Hulk, and he was often referred to as "the jade giant", so I just went with jaded


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Mine is kinda self explanatory...Vader was my inital costume to get into the 501st and First name is Dave. It stuck with me and so I use it everywhere. :)


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Hmmm.... Ya know, I don't really know where I got my name from.

Seriously, as cliche as mine is, I actually found the picture I use as my avatar first and liked it so much I thought, "Aw, what the heck", and went with my rather stereotypical name. So no, I am not actually an 'UglyMoFo'. At least, I don't think so... :)


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Well, Billy Sole is my favorite character and more of a BAMF than Dutch Schaffer (IMHO). He is a Cherokee/Seminole and I am part Cherokee myself; I really dig the culture and warrior mindset. I am sure when I get moving on my suit design, it will reflect a decent amount of Native American accents and motifs. I don't even consider either of the AVP films and generally pretend they never happened. (Wolf was the only saving grace for that awful venture.)

And my dog is already named Dutch, so that was taken.


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I came up with the name Ragnar after hearing it was the name of a Viking warror king who was a born leader of men and brave to the last,
also I knew no one else would have it.


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I just thought well I like the Predator,and he is a hunter,so there is PredatorHunter.To top it off,just added my current age to the end.So that is how PredatorHunter34 came about.I may change it one day may not,never know...



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It's the username I've used on 15+ boards/websites now, so I might aswell keep it going. Kinda fun to have people from other forums recognise you, especially if you get on with them.


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Well mine's a bit of a no brainer (or no cpu hee hee) i spose. I love Terminator as much as Predator and would love to see these guys go at it. Tho to be fair i didnt like the comic =( But i like the concept


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Mine came to me because smoke can be in someplace and yet sometimes you can't see it,a few seconds after the visible smoke it dissapears though it's still there you can feel it and it's scent,so somehow it's like stealth.
Also because I like to smoke..

Big Peaches

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I was in the Coast Guard in the early 80s stationed on a 210 ft cutter in Florida. We use to hunt drug runners in the Caribbean. Jamacan pot worshipers are called Rastafarian's. Rastapred has been my email address for along tme. when the new board started, it just seemed appropate.

(Faken im keeping an eye on you. lol)


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I started in cosplay full on as Knoxville's joker. hence ksj. Here lately I have switched over to predator for my main and have the face of Knoxville's predator.

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