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Finding new and innovative methods &amp; materials to create detailed, functioning Predator costume props/weapons.<br /><br />Indulging into anything which I find interesting. I'm a proud autodidact...even more so, since I taught myself that neat word! <br />I'm a giant movie buff &amp; a huge fan of stand up comedy. Also, I enjoy playing Disc Golf (aka Frisbee Golf, Hippie Golf, etc.) whenever I can. I'm always brainstorming new ideas for use in any one of my current &amp; future projects. I'm also very interested to see if marijuana will ever finally be legalized within my lifetime because I'm sick &amp; tired of getting fired from great jobs for an activity, of which, I choose to do &amp; enjoy exclusively within my own personal time &amp; never, EVER prior to or during work hours. &quot;Its not a war on drugs...its a war on personal freedom.&quot; - Bill Hicks<br /><br />That's all I know thus far in my existential journey through life...I guess that makes me, my own greatest &quot;work in progress&quot; yet.
Dec 25, 1979 (Age: 43)
Mad Town, WI