QUESTION: Any remember Roy Scheider/This is Your Life TV episode, with George Clooney?


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I have this VERY specific memory of watching the first several minutes of a "This Is Your Life" type TV program, I believe in the late 1980s, where the guest of honor was Roy Scheider. For those not in the know, this/these type of shows would catch celebrities off guard and then bring them onstage for a life reminiscence (old friends they hadn't seen in years, former teachers/work place associates, etc) and basically celebrate the celebrity's accomplishments.

My specific memory is that the guest of honor was Roy Scheider. His family gets him into a restaurant on false pretenses, and the whole encounter is filmed by a hidden camera. The waiter comes up to take their order, and I believe the waiter was in a fact a very young George Clooney, before he became a star. The waiter "recognizes" Roy and does the whole "You're gonna need a bigger boat" spiel from Jaws, with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. Roy acts polite, and gives the waiter a "yeah, that's great" sort of look. Then the deception is revealed and Roy is whisked away to face hist past.

NOW... I can't find this.

The InterWebs state that Roy DID have a similar experience, along with Cathie Lee Gifford, in 1993 (which would have been years after I "remember" seeing the TV show, and certainly when George Clooney was at least a rising start and may have been recognized at that point). But I can't find even video clips at all pertaining to the event or more info.

Am I misremembering something that didn't happen, or does anyone here recall/have information?
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Wasn't George still being chased by Tomatoes back then..

I'd certainly love to see this if it turns up, I loved the Peter Cushing episode and also the Laurel and Hardy.

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