anyone else go through life as if the Star Trek:Enterprise Finale isn't real

Not really. I'm not a fan of it being the last, but it's not like it was a malicious intent for them to minimize the series. It was just a bad choice to focus so much on another Trek era. Riker never quite looked right in it. Tucker's death was poorly written, simply because they've been in far more serious situations than what warranted his actions. Clearly he didn't mean to die, but still...

I look at it as the second last, and watch Terra Firma as the finale. I think many people consider that to be the more appropriate finale.

That said, the one thing I like about the last one, is that it mentioned the Enterprise coming up on being decommissioned, and that means that the Drexlerprise abomination refit would never had happened. I don't get how someone so talented could design and respect for the shows can come up with such crap. He had his hand in the crap E-G as well if I recall. But I digress...

It is what it is I suppose, and as much as the finale is silly, it's still 100 times better than almost any new Trek ep. Which still isn't heaping a lot of praise on that ep.

That said: if people like it, they like it. If not, I get it as well.
I seem to have been spared that episode. I stopped watching the series somewhere during the first or second season. It was only so many times that I could stand the show's theme song.
As far as I'm concerned, Star Trek ended after TOS, although I include the first 6 movies and the animated series too. Nothing else remotely appeals to me so I don't bother with it.
So sad that Bakula got hosed with that dog of a Series

It wasn't for lack of a talented cast. I applaud them for trying something different, such as trying to ground Enterprise in a more foreseeable technological future, from where we are as humans now.

...but I still feel that DS9 had the most satisfying story arc(s) and "ending."
So sad that Bakula got hosed with that dog of a Series

Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel about the series. LOL

I'll jump in on that. Was it the dumb temporal cold war arc? The TOS tech that they shouldn't have had? Maybe it was because the big idea they had to create a New Enterprise was to rip off the Akira Class? Introducing the Borg because apparently the E-E crew were too dumb to track debris from the destroyed Borg Sphere, thereby leaving it on Earth to be found and causing yet another temporal timeline anomaly that apparently the dumb idea of the time police didn't even correct?

I hate time travel related **** because since Enterprise, Star Trek has practically turned into Doctor Who.

Seriously though. I like the guy, but It's not like Scott Bakula was the best actor in the world. His range is nice, and bad at being angry.

That said, I actually enjoy most of the series. I like the stand alone non-story arc eps quite a lot.
I have mixed feeling just about everything after TOS, TAS, and the first two Star Trek movies.

TNG had some great writing and stellar performances but I found the entire roster commanding the Enterprise-D (IMO one of the ugliest ship designs ever) extremely dull and uninteresting, and that cast of characters alone keeps me from coming back and revisiting the show beyond a few select episodes.

DS9 is my favorite series after TOS. Great roster of characters, great writing with a great variety of character-driven stories that built up and lead to a satisfying conclusion. The worst thing I can say about DS9 is 'Jadzia Dax.' For 7 years, the show runners did not know what to do with Jadzia and wound up giving her facetious quips to compensate for the fact that she was contributing nothing to the show beyond being a failed Spock stand-in. It was obnoxious to say the least. Ezri was everything Jadzia should've been from the start and the writers gave her more and better than anything they'd ever done with Jadzia in the final season.

Voyager is just uneven. It started strong with a great foundation: Star Trek as a pirate adventure series. Then it immediately turned into a derivative of TNG and wasting the show's potential and that of Capt. Janeway. As always with Star Trek, there's some really great episodes and stories peppered throughout that reminds why this show is so disappointing.

Enterprise meant well but was extremely misguided. Following the first tentative footsteps of humanity as it enters the 'warp age,' meeting new alien societies while we are still a bit rough ourselves is interesting. The stories and characters they came up with to tell that story wasn't. There's a few stand out stories but much of it feels contrived for drama's sake.

I've not followed anything after Enterprise since as Enterprise really kicked off this trend of doing retcon Star Trek; set everything in either a small window of a timeline for a prequel story, or set it in an alternate timeline of one of the older series to explore melodrama. I just don't care.

I want a Star Trek show that follows on after the events of the Dominion War that DS9 built and finished. After the Federation and all the other galactic empires team up to fend off the Dominion, tensions finally ease with the Romulans and the first Federation vessel is welcomed into the Romulan Star Empire on a "diplomatic survey." It is crewed by all of the races in the Federation up to this point to put on a good show for the potential new Romulan allies, because the crew is also comprised of Romulans to observe/spy for the Empire. Think of it as a foreign group being escorted through North Korea, but in Star Trek terms; the potential is great. I keep calling it "Star Trek: Spearpoint" but I think it sounds too aggressive.

Plenty of time has passed where we can even do a series dealing with the Gamma and Delta quadrant (again). Hell, sending a generation ship to Andromeda is a possibility. As much as I hate the time stories in Star Trek, there's potential in doing a Star Trek show solely focused around the "Temporal Integrity Commission."
I think TNG, and a lot of what came thereafter, was just too neon. I didn't want to see families in space. I wanted the final frontier, not emotional problems.
I seem to have been spared that episode. I stopped watching the series somewhere during the first or second season. It was only so many times that I could stand the show's theme song.

Same here. I vaguely remember the people behind the show advertising it as being different from normal Star Trek with that opening song. I thought the visuals were cool but man that song.

Although I think I did watch bits of the final episodes because I read some backlash and mentions of Khan being involved. The only thing I remember about Enterprise are the actresses that would show up at times. Like that Indian actress / model / chef.

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