Question about SMOOTH-ON products - looking for pointers

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Hey all,
As many years as I have been making costumes I have never dove into the world of molding and casting. But seeing how many times I have made things for myself in double or triplicate, I think it is time I learned so I can make that one master and cast my copy pieces.

I have been reading not only here, but a lot of other forums and the majority of you guys really seam to like Smooth-On products. The good news for me is I found a local distributor not 15 minutes from where I live!

Basically I just want to know how you guys that do this, got into the whole molding / casting genre. Was there a website or book you recommend. I know the basics as I have an art background. And I have also been reading up on Smooth-On's website.

Also, can you give me a brief reason why you guys prefer Smooth On? Is it less toxic than resins and fiberglass? I know you still have to use some safety gear for it, but is it more user friendly and safer?

Basically any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!

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I'm not going to attest to much on this because I don't have any experiece with Smooth-On. I do have a little experience with the counter part called Polytek . They seem to be very comparable as far as products go. I have a local supplier for Polytek that's on my way to work.

They each also have a page on Youtube (if you didn't know) on how to use their products that include a little safety info on specific products:

Polytek's page

Smooth-on's page

I know that Polytek is willing to give discounts on products the first time you order them and give free shipping if you ask about a trial. Smooth-On may if they are as competitive as I think. But I think Smooth-On is the larger company.

I don't think this addresses anything you asked specifically but I hope it helps at least a little.


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Well, glad that helped. :p

It's funny too, how they name the products...

Poly-This, Poly-That.

Smooth-This, Smooth-That.

Man, could you work the name of the company in anywere else. :rolleyes:

Hopefully some one would still chime in on some of your other conserns...


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i use smooth on and their products work great. ive been building and collecting props for a long time.years ago i was introduced to casting and resin through R2 builders. like vacuumforming,once you see it done you realize how simple it is.
i build the star wars "Vibro axe" prop and sell them regularly on ebay and the slave leia forum.i use the white 300 resin and it is a great product.resin goes a long way.small parts will use literally drops of resin.i buy the gallon container,which i think cost around 90 bucks.youll be surprised at how little resin it takes to make things
ive used both the pink silicone to make molds and the "oomoo" blue silicone.if youve never done this and want to experiment grab the sample pack of oomoo. its a 1 to 1 mix and sets real nice.i will tell you that it doesnt make as many parts as the pink does,but for a small part or to learn its oomoo mold broke up a little sooner than i expected but it was easy and good for the beginner.
i dont believe there is much risk using these products,not fumes or anything like that.the resin gets very hot and its messy if it spills but other than that itrs easy going.a hot glue gun hurt worse,LOL

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Cool skipjenn, that's what I was hoping. I was looking for less toxic alternatives to the old fiberglass / bondo methods. I know there are advantages to both, but I always try to go non toxic or at least LESS toxic with all my projects!!

UNSC Hunter

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Well smooth on products are not toxic at all, but can get a little pricy
I used their products and they are just awesome, compared to stuff you get from micheals or other store.

Also what I really like about smooth on, is those kits they have, they are super cheap and will help you build almost anything :p
Just dont try a pred mask because you will need to buy more then :rolleyes:

So those are my 2 cents
and like I said Smooth on products are AWESOME!!!


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i can't attest to Smooth-on. I use strictly Monster makers brand. they are cheaper and i have never had an issue with their products.

here's the stuff i get from them---
NSP chavant clay
PU resin
2 part expanding soft foam

all my materials come from them.



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I like smooth on stuff a lot. I've been using it for years. For the most part, all of the stuff in kind of the same, with a different name-smooth on, polytek, bjb, etc. Basically, I prefer smooth on because they have a great variety of products for all kinds of work- moldmaking, casting, life casting, etc, and you can get it in smaller quantities (plus, there's a distributor here in Florida). It can be a bit pricey, but you get a good product when you're finished, and a lot of the stuff is really easy to work with (1:1 mixing ratios, quick set times, etc.). I do like the fact that the stuff isn't too vapor heavy, unlike fiberglass, so working with it is a lot less toxic (still need all your safety equipment, though). I think that they have a lot of good and detailed tutorials on their site too, as far as moldmaking and casting goes. I've been lucky to have worked with some great moldmakers to give me a good foundation,you know, work smarter and think ahead, try to trouble shoot as you go along, be meticulous and ask questions. Antcarb and I did a quick huntorial on his bio helmet, so it can give you a little info on making a silicone/fiberglass jacket mold. Good luck!


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I use both Pokytek and Smooth on products but my local SmoothOn distributor is close and really works with me He is even displaying my work in his showroom, so guess where I go? I actually will be teaching some classes for them soon too doing lifecasting and moldmaking.
Polytek is fantastic but no distributor close so everything has to beshipped. they actually sponsored me for some body sculptures I did last year at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic where I did body sculptures for the winning athletes. i will be doing it again in March of 2011

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