Q: Do you regret selling your display cases?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by rmschneider104, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. rmschneider104

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    A couple questions for those folks who have sold off their MR acrylic cases and display boxes? If you have done so, have you looked back and regretted that decision? I'm considering getting some nice bookcases or cases with glass doors for my sabers and blasters. If I go that route, I really won't have a need for the acrylic MR cases and presentation boxes (for the earlier props). So, was thinking I could probably re-coup some funds at some point.

    But on the other hand, I could always put them in storage with all the other collectible boxes. I have no intentions of ever selling these. But who knows... 5 years down the road I may be laid off or have horrible medical bills that I'd need to make up some money.

    Anyone have any thoughts or perspectives after they have sold off the presentation goodies?
  2. Funky

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    Making up the money is always nice, but you can recoup much more of the cost later if they're complete with the cases if you ever need to sell them (if you need a kidney or something). Store em and forget em.
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    That's what I do. I have them in a separate closet and forget about them. They are nice, but take up way to much room.

  4. aniskywalker

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    I have sold off most of my cases, and the rest will be going.

    I do not miss them at all. I prefere a cabinet to the cases. The cases take up too much space (be it display or storage) and they are fragile. Unless they are stored correctly, they will be damaged in some way and then you are no better off, you might as well have sold them in the first place.

    If you have a doubt, then pack them safely and put them away from everything.

    Cases are a pain IMO, I would prefer that MR would make them an option like they were at the beginning. This would lower there cost too. ;)

    Sorry for the rant. :p 2 cents

    Good luck :D

  5. MegaPrime33

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    I have never sold any of the display cases or presentation boxes actually. I feel they all serve a purpose. True, when the prop is being displayed there isn't much I can do with the presentation boxes, but what happens if I end up moving? It's good to have them for that instance; or if you hard up for space and need to store some props, you have a safe place to keep them in. Plus, like someone else said, it's worth more if you have all of the pieces together if or when you choose to sell them.
  6. MikeyX

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    I've sold some of the 'old style' MR display cases that I got with some of my props that are now stored in two layer cases and have no regrets at all. But you've sort of answered your own question as you point out that if you come to sell it will make a difference to its value - and I only have no regrets since I've never sold any of those props....

    As for display boxes I would never sell these. Although they take up space they are very useful if you are moving them anywhere.
  7. rmschneider104

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    Thanks for the persective guys.

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