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Purported OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Colt At Auction With Spoofed Paperwork

Dr Jones Sr

Well-Known Member
That's amazing how somebody could go to all that trouble to create nice-looking fake documents but not do one whit of research.

And doubly amazing that somebody would pay $14,000 without doing one whit of research.

As somebody who used to do quite a bit of cap & ball shooting, I'm fascinated about the conversion so as to use blank cartridges.

Never having seen such a conversion, it seems like it would be a lot of work, not just the cylinder but the hammer?

Anyhow shooting one of the real things (not from that movie of course!)



Active Member
The smoke smells great too ! The movie Walkers where 44 cal but converted to 38 blanks . In the real world revolvers are usually in the appropriate cal to the gun .

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