Purported OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Colt At Auction With Spoofed Paperwork


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This is online now as coming to auction:

OJW Prop Colt

Milestone Auction Paramount COlt.png

The first thing you might notice is the amazing looking paperwork. Foil seals, Paramount logo, sourced from their own Gun Safe Rental and Sales. Wow.

How convenient it states it it "donated to charity auction", that it is the gun used in the movie, miraculously found in their archives years later, one of two, and the other is in the SMITHSONIAN Museum. Hard to beat that?

Until you realize that the film was not made at PARAMOUNT, but at Warner Brothers, and produced by Eastwood's own MALPASO Company. There is no record of SAFE GUN RENTALS AND SALES in the California online biz, Secretary of State look up database, either current or disbanded. One company under that heading DOES come up twice: STEMBRIDGE GUN RENTALS, then housed on the Paramount lot (but a separate entity) who DID provide the weapons to the production:

1183 altered color.PNG

I have shortened it, eliminated the correct color, and blurred the important information as to not educate fraudsters. This is one of two used for the film, #1183, along with #1185. It states six Colt Walker replicas were provided, altered to shoot blanks and records them by serial number. The main hero prop, used by Eastwood, was sold nearly 20 years ago at the HIGH NOON sale, and purchased by our sponsor here, The Prop Store Of London, who kept it until recently. Stains on the frame match perfectly to this weapon. It sold then for $35,000. There are also rubber copies of it made from this example. It was 'saved' by Al Frisch, who worked at Stembridge when they folded in 1998, where he matched rental invoices to the weapons themselves. Another example, was sold to the Petersen Museum, who bought the bulk of the hoard, and resold later, when Robert Petersen died in 2007, at Little John's, as lot 106.

{Other things to notice are the fancy engravings on the revolver (absent on the fake)} (I now retract this part of it, as enlargements do show something on the revolver) and the erroneous use a semi-colon, instead of a colon, on the Paramount COA. And, the use of a "Paramount #" on the gun, instead of using the manufacturer's, which is what Stembridge did. And, the Smithsonian does not list such a gun in their collection.

It, is still ridiculous, that they would accept a studio's paperwork for a prop not produced by that studio. PARAMOUNT cannot attest to a film made at Warner Brothers, of which they had nothing to do with the making.
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Well, no surprise it sold, in spite of being a dog. It opened at $13,500 "competing bid" in a millisecond, only to go to an online bidder for $14,500 plus the usual insulting fees.
That gun isn’t even a colt walker (his main guns) nor a colt army, as carried in his belt. His belt gun was a colt army. The auction gun pictured is a colt navy.
The ‘poster‘ walkers are still cap and ball. The move walkers use conversion cylinders to fire cartridge blanks.


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Yes. The production rented both Army and Navy Colts, original and conversions, as well as rubber copies.

I have obscured the serial numbers for obvious reasons:

Nothing about that gun matches, as it is not Stembridge marked, the right make, it's deep gouged number is not on the rental receipt and is from a fake gun service owned by a studio that had nothing to do with the film.

For those unaware, the Burbank Studios, shown on the receipt, was the name Warner Brothers took during a short lived sharing of the lot when Columbia moved from it's historic Gower street origin before they bought the MGM lot in Culver City.
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As I understand it one of the Walkers in the movie was the True Grit 69 Walker then a second and maybe some spares where made all in 38 to shoot blanks . If you go 44 it cuts in to the locking notches . They or it got re-used in The Long Riders , lonesome Dove and even 3 Amigos .
You are correct, as far as TRUE GRIT. That pistol is recorded by serial number on the form, and was sold at the 2007 LITTLE JOHNS sale. I cannot vouch for that accuracy, since I do not have the TRUE GRIT paperwork, but that was what they claimed.
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You are correct, as far as TRUE GRIT. That pistol is recorded by serial number on the form, and was sold at the 2007 LITTLE JOHNS sale. I cannot vouch for that accuracy, since I do not have the TRUE GRIT paperwork, but that what they claimed.
Yeah , Stembridge had a few Walkers worked over for Blanks . Also a Dragoon used in The Cowboys and the Sam Elliott version of the quick and the dead . I guess if you rent then it's just income !
Or should I say repop Walkers .. The most obscure re-used gun I've seen is the Winchester rifle at the beginning of Calamity Jane the 50s musical , that's the gun John Wayne has in Hondo . It has a unique shape big loop lever he only used in that movie , not like his other big levers .

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