Pumpkin Celebrity Sculpt


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To be honest, I have no idea if this post belongs in this thread. But I've seen bust sculptures here, and this is a couple of those... sort of.

Captain Jack Sparr-o-lantern:

Sherlock Holmes:

I just got a new pumpkin, and I need ideas of what/who to carve.

wolverine. make it look like 3D, as he is is the one who carves the pumpkin, that would be great

oh almost forgot, nice work!
Great work! I love doing pumpkins like this, I'll have to see if I can dig up any of my old pics - personal faves have been wolverine and Jim Morrison.
Those look great!

I think a Heath Ledger Joker would look cool.

"Wanna know how I carved this pumpkin? I took a knife and..."
For my first jack-o-lantern this year, I'm gonna do Sam Flynn from Tron. I like the idea of the light-up ring and costume in a glowing medium.
That doesn't mean I don't want ideas! There'll be more than one carving this year!
Too bad the perminent pumpkin, "funkins", don't lend themselves to the carving techniques used in portraits. I tried to do a george carlin and the shading works fine on a real pumpkin but the Permanent pumpkin , well you can't get light to shine through the foam no matter how thin you make it
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