Proton Pack and Trap Mark 2


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After learning from my mistakes on the Display Proton Pack, it's time to start the Wearable Proton Pack. Yesterday, I got alot of progress done on the Proton Gun


Progress on drilling out the light bar....As soon as I find out who stole my dremel, we'll finish it up that way.


The front. This time, all properly tapped and screwed in..rather than screwed and glued like on the first one..


The side. The knobs are probably a tad closer to the screw than they should be, but an easy fix...


All in a days work.....

For today, here is the progress made..

Side Panel and knobs installed.. For things like this, it's really tough to judge where to stop drilling. Luckily I didn't go through the knobs. Black paint should cover up the hole.


Side knob moved over a little more to the left. Looks a bit better. Back Grip installed.


Left Ear Glued on. Beginning of glue for the ion tube....
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Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


Today, was working on the bottom of the gun. The plate bottom, the Slate that hooks onto it, and the gun hook itself...Only two pieces left to glue on, then it's time to let someone else spray paint it so it looks good, cause I suck at mastering the can...


Everything that needs to be painted black, minus a few of the knobs that will be taken off, has been installed.

BTW, KIT courtesy of multimedia mayhem :)
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Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


Current status: Bigger holes for the switches drilled, noticeable excess glue drilled away from heat sink....unfortunately left a little mark. Silver parts fixed to look a bit smoother.

Lights from Jupiter Electronics ordered, shipped friday, should be here next week..then it'll be done
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2

With the proton Gun 95% complete, awaiting one more's time for the begining of the proton pack mark 2..


All of the parts that need to be painted black arrived last they are all safely tapped and screwed in, compared to my last one which all this stuff was mostly glued on. I'm taking real note to detail and placement this time around so it at least TRIES to look good. Remaining parts get here next week, so it should be done then..
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


Certain top areas like the PPD Booster base and the area where the ribbon cable plugs in need more sanding... but since the paint is still drying in this pick, I don't think the rest of the areas look all that bad for a final assembly.

ROUGH assembly of Ion Arm. Need the proper screws for it...
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


Minus two missing items, green wire in back, and two lights....and it'll be done. currently trying to figure out how to best hook up the sound wires..
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


From a thread over at GBFans comes the Proton Pack Stand. edit - here it is gbfans pack stand .My version will have an extra board behind the bottom of the pack for extra stability and two side boards sticking out the top board so it's nestled in real tight..

Current state of the pack. Painting is finished. That's as good as I'm going to get it to look. Final assembly has begun.
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Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


All but done. Awaiting arrival of bumper, Motherboard, ribbon, and clamp.

- ribbon clamp just thrown on for picture purposes, I know it's in reverse ;). I drilled the screw holes one size too big and they just slide I half expected it to do that when I tilted it upright. it amazingly stayed on:). Booster frame also will get righted

- Grey knob moved over a little more. Former hole starting to be patched up.

- filter tube on left still needs to be properly sanded down so it covers the washer on top.

- Washer for tubes on left needed.

- acrylic plates for lights need to be installed.
- Booster frame reversed (dang dumb brain, doing to much at once!)

When the MB gets here next week, I will attach that, and put on the alice pack and give it a test wear to see how sturdy everything is...then finishing touches.. The Gun is all done minus the sound wires.........
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Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


Painted motherboard back...


Current rough state of pack assembly with everything attached minus the bumper. Borrowed the ribbon cable and clamp from old pack,....Ditched the epoxy and washers on the Injector and filter tubes...used dowel rods instead.

...Once I'm happy with how things look, I'll begin the final tap and glue process...nailing everything into place...It's not quite there yet.

BTW, how DO people attach the acrylic lenses for the lights to the pack? I tried glue last time, and while it does secure them into place, it also spreads as it dries, and the glue seeps through, blurring out the lights..

I'm hoping tommorow we can get the holes drilled for the MB, attach the plates to the MB, and the lens.
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2

progress....two support brackets drilled in with flange problem. Two screws attached....some problem. For some reason the drill with the tap attached gets stuck halfway.....once I get that solved, I can get the screws all the way through.. pictures coming when phone recharges..
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


2 in the box..

3 and 4 on the go...


Alice Pack goes on next.... Anyone know how to attach it? Never done one before
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Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


A piece of paint for chipped, but that's an easy fix.

Yesterday, I spent two hours of careful soldering to make sure all the wires where properly hooked up and none of them moved on the switch when taped and soldered in. Today, I got the sound wires labeled and connected to the sound board, all of those work now and the light board was glued in. I chipped a bit of paint there as well trying to get the excess glue off, but it's an easy fix.

The only thing this gun is missing is two lights (need more wire to hook them up to Jupiter Electronics kit), a bit of paint touch up on the bottom, and screwing in the hose connector near the slow blow. For some reason, it doesn't want to fit. Other than that, Proton Gun Mark 2 is done.

If I ever do a Mark 3, I'll have no excuses for it looking bad :).

Proton Gun Kit ordered from the brilliant . Lights from the Afformentioned Jupiter Electronics. Total cost? Around $200's for a cool new toy :).

We'll see if we can finish up the proton pack after lunc..
Re: Proton Gun Mark 2


Hook for gun on...this time at the proper angled length. Drill officially put away.


Alice Pack on firmly....back now being painted
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