Props in the Lucasfilm archives.


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After seeing Mikas pictures of the ROTJ Vader from the Paris exhibition,it got me thinking.Obviously all the props are kept in the archives,but are they checked for wear and tear often?I would assume there would be a head curator at the archives,and that there are no doubt a few people employed to keep things in good shape aswell.Some of the props have lasted the test of time very well so they are no doubt being looked after well :)

Also,seeing as though the PT was made using a lot of CGI am i right to assume that there wouldnt be half as many props compared to the OT.Obviously there were many more characters under the spotlight so to say(Jedi,Senate etc) but other than costumes i would think that the OT would no doubt have used more props due to the quality of effects back in the day.

Hope someone can chime in here :)