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I am also getting the 404 when I click the "Download All Files" box at the top. I did not try that route when I uploaded the files. When I download from Thingiverse, I've gotten into the habit of going to the "Thing Files" tab, below the images, 2nd to the right after "Thing Details." After uploading, I checked that I could download the .zip, the Top.stl, and the Bottom.stl (in case separate files were easier for some to work with). I apologize for the oversight.

The "Download All Files" issue may be resolved at some point in the future. In the meantime, Jintosh and mrwax, or anyone who's previously had a 404 error, will you please try the "Thing Files" workaround and see if that works?

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 10.05.50 PM.png
Yep, that worked.

Maybe the reason is that "all files" is TOO LARGE. o_O
The same reason you can't host here on the RPF.
This is a great thread. Thank you to all the contributors.

Yes, people have added some nice gems into the thread over time. A lot of times, I'll see someone else's build elsewhere and make a model to add here. Mine (such as the 7th key) isn't going to be spot on on the dimensions like the guy that cast from the original prop, but still, not bad for free.


B Wo showed that downloading the individual files instead of "all files" works.

And yes, this is why external links are less desirable. The control of the file is beyond TheRPF's control. For large files, there's just little choice.
There has been a glitch on thingiverse lately that when you click the download all it gives that error. they fixed it in the last few days.
medal pic.jpg

"CREED" Saints medal from Constantine.

One of the charms worn by Constantine.

Print this at 15/16 inch width. 23.8mm.
This is VERY small. Extreme resolution is necessary to print.

Free for Personal use.


  • Final
    6.8 MB · Views: 165
teardrop 4 pic.jpg

REVISED : 1/11/2021

The TearDrop charm from Constantine.

One of the medals he wears.


For Personal use only.


  • Constantine TEARDROP
    1 MB · Views: 130
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Does anyone have this EZ Sleep .stl by any chance or know where I can purchase it? It seems it use to be on cults3d and it disappeared. :/

View attachment 1296443
It’s available again!
Does anyone has a good Beskar ingot file with the right pattern? I can't seem to find one! Even one stl for purchase haha!
beskar pic.jpgbeskar pic 2.jpg


The Mandalorian.
Beskar Ingot

I finally came back and finished this.
UPDATED 10/6/2021


Free for personal use.


  • Beskar Ingot Final
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  • 20210121_182724.jpg
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  • 20210121_182716.jpg
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Here is a name plaque for the Rocketeer helmet. I finished this with Rub and Buff antique gold but I may redo it with something a little more "brassy". It has an Art Deco motif with the Aeronaut font. I scaled this up by 25% to make it about 7 3/4" long.



  • Rocketeer
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wheel pic.jpg

Wheel of Pain from Conan the Barbarian (Schwarzenegger)
Can be used as a necklace, like in the movie.
For personal use only.


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bunny pic 2.jpg

The bunny statue from ROMANCING THE STONE.
It is hollow and properly sized so that RelicMaker's stone should fit through the hole in the bottom.

For personal use only.


  • bunny pic.jpg
    bunny pic.jpg
    1.6 MB · Views: 85
  • Romance Stone
    4.1 MB · Views: 80

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