Presenting a different Aspect of this Hobby: Movie Guns

Boba Debt

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Re: Exploring a different Aspect of this Hobby: Movie Guns

Sorry man!

Let me know if you need any help locating one.
Maybe I can support with the purchase through a local gun dealer, even if I don´t have a clue what´s needed for intl. transactions :confused


Can you talk to a local gun dealer and find out if they can export to the USA?

Boba Debt

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My quest for a Mateba has become very difficult.

A couple months ago there was always one or two on Gunbroker but lately nothing.

If anyome know of a local shop that has one please PM me the info.

I prefer a 44 mag with a 6" - 8" barrel.


Boba Debt

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Re: Exploring a different Aspect of this Hobby: Movie Guns

I have an address for a US broker that still sells them new. Last I checked was a couple of years ago though. They still have the advertisement up. Ignore the Lightning Rifle subtext.
AWA ~ American Western Arms ~ Lightning Rifle

Thanks for the info.

I emailed them but they have not replied and I called them but got their voice mail.

Hopefully this lead will work out.

If you´re not in a hurry to get onw...sure.
Meanwhile, here are two sources in the states (if I read correct):

Cased Margolin Target Pistol

The second one even has the flashhider and correct grips!


Thanks to you too

The first one is out of country but I might see if I can find an importer.

The second one is way more then I want to spend .

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Re: Exploring a different Aspect of this Hobby: Movie Guns

Well I do have one fun old pic I could share. Haven't really made a habit of photographing all my guns, though I know Dad has a few for insurance purposes.


And this was me out plinking a few weeks ago with the .22 on the farm. Still working on losing weight but I'm down 25 pounds from last November.

OK, not that I want to pick out drapes or anything, but you don't need to lose any more weight--you look great!

I want a Mateba too, BD, but that's waaaaay out of my range I'm afraid :(


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My standard MO is to see a prop gun and then buy the real version with the intention of converting it. But at the end of the day I just cant do it. There is something about cutting up a perfectly good gun that makes my skin crawl.:lol Thus I have a beautiful SPAS 12 sitting in a safe in Utah, among others.:love

Now Im not opposed to picking up a Bulldog for a BR blaster though. Its the $1400 Mannlicher thats hard to swallow.

Just finished this Cowboy Bebop Jericho in .45 today.

Boba PM inbound.
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