Present Toys 1:6 Indiana Jones - a cautionary tale


I guess I'm not the only one who was excited by the Indiana Jones offering from Present Toys? The photos looked good and the price better than the Hot Toys offering.
Back in February 2021 I placed an Ebay preorder with a seller (sunnymayhair) who looked legitimate. The seller has 98.5% positive feedback and 52K items sold and seems to specialise in 1:6 scale figures.
I paid the preorder price of GBP140 + GBP14 in taxes and waited with much anticipation.....
First there were delays in production and the expected time kept getting pushed back.
The seller responded with promises and requests for patience.
Come August 2022, after seeing that these items had started to become available for direct purchase, I contacted the seller and was advised that the item had been sent.
Great! I thought!
Where is my tracking number? No tracking number, I was advised the item was sent without tracking but the delivery company they use is very reliable.
A month goes by, where is the item? It's in your country I'm told. Just be patient, give it another week.
Another month - very soon I'm told.
Fast forward to December 2022 - the seller offers me a PayPal refund. OK, I'd rather just have the figure, but at least the seller is trying to make things right, I thought.
Where's the refund? Problems with Ebay processing a refund on an old purchase I'm told - but just be patient.
End of January 2023 and still no refund and no resolution.
EBay customer support? As useful as the proverbial ashtray on a motorbike.
I am still hopeful of giving a positive update to this saga, but for now I share my experience as a cautionary tale for those who are looking for 1:6 Indy figures (or others) on the EvilBay.
If you paid less that six months ago you should be able to put in a Paypal dispute for a full refund.
If you paid less that six months ago you should be able to put in a Paypal dispute for a full refund.
Unfortunately payment was back in February 2021 when pre-ordered. I've had great experience with reputable project runs in the past pn forums but I won't be paying for a pre-order on Evil Bay again. Caveat Emptor indeed!
This literally has nothing to do with the figure you bought. I started reading this post because I have that figure. I thought maybe there was something I needed to be aware of.
I am going to be a little blunt in my response about your issue.
eBay doesn't actually allow preorders. But they slip through the cracks.
Of course eBay customer service isn't going to do anything along with paypal. It was two years ago. They haven't done anything wrong in this case at all.
It is your responsibility as the customer to understand the terms you are agreeing to. I say this since I recently had something similar happen to me. I purchased some items that were in stock from a company. Once I paid the shipping time showed April. I inquired and they simply sent back a screen shot of their FAQ which clearly showed what their shipping times can be like. I shrugged my shoulders and realized I overlooked that and it was my own fault. Coincidently my stuff showed up today so it was early.
I bought my Indy figure from a company and I also thought it would never show up. Then randomly one day I was charged the balance and the figure was in hand about a week later.
You have to know the seller you are purchasing from whether on a forum or eBay/Etsy.

On a different note...
It is a pretty decent figure. The pants are a bit too modern. The leather jacket is nice but it is a pain to work with. I actually think it could benefit from a body swap.
I plan to swap the pants with a pair from my Sideshow Indy which are more accurate. But for the price it is a great Indy figure.
You are right and I'm not disputing your points but where would we be with prop runs or the junkyard, for example, if we didn't have a little faith in the honesty of people? This seller continues to avoid doing the right thing, despite promises.

I do have an update and a request please.

After more promises from the seller to process a refund soon, nothing has happened.

With eBay unwilling to assist I took the creative step of listing the refund on eBay to make it easy for the refund to be processed. I’ve sent the link to the seller and he has made more promises. It looks like he’s added my listing to his watch list.

My request…could fellow RPF members please search the following item on eBay to increase my number of views? I’m hoping the more views, the more the seller will be prompted to fulfil his promises. I've also made this request to COW members.

“Sunnymayhair’s Indiana Jones 1:6 action figure refund“

Many thanks to all!

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