Predator Names


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first of all, "their human names" is a funny term, since all we can possibly come up with are obviously human names (I'm human...), no matter how many apostrophes you put into them. For all I care, you could call them "S'c'ar", "G'hort" or "Ch'o'Pper", wouldn't change a thing.

Second, I also refuse to name all and everything. As has been said above, I like the mystery that is behind the Preds, and a name like Chopper says: we don't know **** about this thing but we better keep running!
:D i'm with this fuckin guy!!
i don't get mad at anyone for taking it to an "expanded universe" level (naming any and everything, with all these concrete race and clan names) i agree with the films being the only real evidence we have of these creatures and if gary busy would've explained to danny that "they captured one once and it said they call themselves "yautja"(which i always thought it was "yaut" as in "shout", "ja" as in "ju-stice" for the record) then i'd be on board, but until AVP there was just "a predator" and " another predator"(and at the end of 2 "oh ****!, a whole BUNCH OF PREDATORS!") i didn't know till i came here that there were even titles given to all those preds at the end, im sure i could've figured "elder" but ram, gort, snake, hippie, etc.? i can except those cause they're just nicknames, just like scar, chopper, celtic but i'm just personally much better off not trying to get any "outside" ideas getting in the way of what preds mean to me... i love the comics and can appreciate a lot of the lore and that's not to say i won't give my pred a nickname when he comes to a reality, but to get all hardcore about just any ol' thing that any ol' jackass came up with does cheapen it for me, and therefore is just unnecessary. to be clear though, i do really appreciate the names you've chosen for yourselves and where they come from and what they mean to you

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My name is Half-Knife. My character gets things done with half as much trouble and equipment as any other hunter. It has two sources: 1st - A nod to the main character in the first AVP novel PREY, who's name means "different knife " because of his broken tusk. 2nd - recalling my military days and the poster that was in the hallway at Ft. Bragg that we took to Ft. Campbell when we relocated the 5th SFG there: "We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to anything with nothing." De Oppresso Liber! And I don't give a damn how it is said in the Predator language or any other. It means what it means, regardless of what language you use.

They De

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I would say my screen name 'Guan-thwei" which means "Night Blood" and my Pred is from the Shadow Clan.
:p Damn! One of my characters (the male one ) is named that way! Anyway - my screen name - They'De - means "death, kill"... So far I haven't came up with a proper name for the clan she belongs to.... just the symbol of it -->
- the story is in progress


Crazy Hunter

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My name is Crazy Hunter because I'm a little crazy as far as the outfit of the Predator weapons and clothing, many of which have what others have not, or simply enter the crazy one indeed see later on my costume is

Getal Gratua

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Wanted to call mine "Red", but that was apparently taken

I like the "expanded universe" stuff because I just wanna know more about everything! I suppose that's why I'm into Star Wars... but as far as Predators are concerned, I may have to put on a different mindset. It's cooler NOT to know everything about the greatest hunters that ever existed!

Nonetheless, some bits here and there might not hurt. I'd love to come up with a back story to my character, once I get him figured out!

Dan Vacant

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could some one translatethis for me to pradator language Vacant One that is mine and i dont know predator language and from my post you could tell i have trouble with my own so i wouldn't be to good with a second one


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How you you even pronounce Yautja? I always thought it was pronounced "Yacht-jah" lol. Y'know, like when you say yachtm but add a ja to it.

And I gotta say, I'm with Hellonearth on this one. Who says they're called Yautja, anyway? Is it written in stone? Did some dude make it up and everyone went with it? Heck, even the Hish (name given in one of the books) sounds more fitting for the Predator species.

Xenomorphs vs. Hish. Hmm...


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Good concept is based in depths of the Peru jungles, the jungles surrounding the Inca Lost City of God. A dark, bad-blooded Predator. The locals named him "Armagedo".

I really liked the original Predator and I wanted to take it, twist it around, and turn him into a bad-blood. A mix between the P1 and a ancient dark bad blood. My intent is to make him one of the darkest, baddest, and bloodiest Pred's out there. One that will toy with his prey, like a sadistically game of cat and mouse.

Here's the back-story for my character concept:

Armagedo lurks in Western South America, in Peru. A bad-blood born from the fires of betrayal. A Predator that's rage has consumed him--honor and moral have no meaning--only death. People have spoken about him. . .uttering the phrase: "El diablo que recorre entre nosotros."--"The devil that walks among us. For centuries, people have searched for the sacred "lost city of gold". No one has returned. It is said that the adventurers seeking the "Inca City of Gold" trespassed on his mountain. . .on his territory. They are never seen again. . .only whispers of a “Black Devil” that lurks in those jungles.

This is his story. . . .he is Armagedo. . .


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The only Predator names that are of any relevance (as far as I'm concerned) are as follow -

Lone Wolf (Pussy Face)
Boar, JR.
Onyx (Borg to most)
Broken Tusk
Chopper (He did none of this)

These Predators were on screen. Well, why even mention the Predators from Avp, Rob? Here's why - I believe the Aliens Vs. Predator concept is solid... which is why I mentioned Broken Tusk. However, the director for Avp and the director(S) for AvpR were so bad that I can only compare them to cinematic cancer- and they should never direct anything again. That, and Hollywood wants everything done yesterday. Anyhow, the characters have respectable names without getting way to involved in the Predator mythos. Well, except for that Mayan Pyramid ******** which remains one of my biggest peaves of all time. I really wish AvP had never been made. Seriously, there are children starving outside of our doorsteps here in the US, and they make AvP? I think that money could've been put to better use.

As far as I'm concerned, the term "Yautja" is a blasphemy up on the Predator. when I was a teenager, I picked up one of the Aliens Vs Predator novels (notice how I didn't say AvP) and got about 1/3 of the way through it. Before I threw it down and said this is CRAP. It was crap because it was someone trying to fill in the blanks that didn't need to be filled in. I saw names of the Predators that remarkably resembled that of "Klingon" talk. Oh yes, I had a friend who was totally into Star Trek as a kid, so yeah. So now you want to impose the Star Trek universe on the Predator just to give them names? Oh come on. "Da'chande"... oh come on. His name is BROKEN TUSK. I seriously wish I'd never picked that book up.

Alright kids, here's what's up. The Predators are mysterious, and they (as far as I'm concerned) will always be that way. You want to know the "how's and why's" of what they do.. too bad. You don't need to know. You really don't - and don't get me started on that twat who tried to explain their mating rituals. Yeah, the female is a thousand times the size of a male, and tosses him around whatever, blah, blah, blah, I'm a man hating ****. Anyway, **** off.

Regardless of which you prefer, the Predators on film work so much better than the ones in the comics. Sure, I'd love to see something with Broken Tusk, but that's just not gonna happen. AvP was a ****-fest that could've been so much more. The potential was endless!! And it was all squandered by a douchebag. That very well could've been his time to shine. But we'll never know because movie studios are run by *******'s who think they know what's good.

Here's something else, too - from a fan - Mr. Rodriguez - Take your "Super" Predators and shove them up your ass. I as a Predator fan do not want something new and exciting. I want to see the Predator again in all his glory. I want to see the Predator doing what he does best. Not hanging off of something only to fall to your SUPER DUPER Predator. I think what we all want is another Predator film. You figure that out, get back to us, and you make it happen. Keep in mind, we as fans have had over decade of ******** thrown at us.


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Just for the record (Yautja) Proper Pronounciation
is e-wat-ya. I'll be honest i dont like the name for the species either
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