Predator Display Headpiece Build Up

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by DAVIDYR1, Jul 8, 2006.



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    This guy is nearly done. And I'll be thrilled when he is. :)
    Thinking something like this could 'easily' be done in my spare time was a huge error in judgement by my part.
    There's just so much going on with these Pred heads that it's really a time consuming thing finishing them up.

    He's just about ready. Missing those darn quills that I've had trouble attaching, glossing up the rest of the head, repainting the eyes, add the remaining dreads....and cast up the last tooth.

    Latex foam filled display.





    Should be done by the weekend.


  2. RKW

    RKW Sr Member

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    Caught this for the first time over at the Hunters Lair. Should look very impressive when finished.
  3. PHArchivist

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    Very cool.
  4. frightzone_4_you

    frightzone_4_you Well-Known Member

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    Nice Job... :thumbsup :thumbsup
  5. synasp

    synasp Sr Member

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  6. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Sr Member

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    Sweet.... :thumbsup :thumbsup
  7. tk2647

    tk2647 Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Great job . :thumbsup
  8. MousekeTony

    MousekeTony New Member

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    that looks fantastic.. cant wait to see it finished.
  9. synasp

    synasp Sr Member

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    Any updates? ;)
  10. DAVIDYR1


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    <div class='quotetop'>(synasp @ Jul 20 2006, 01:39 AM) [snapback]1284296[/snapback]</div>
    Yup. :)

    I just have to add the remaining dreads to it. The dreads are only pinned on now anyhow and just for the photos I'm taking here.
    Quills...yea yea...I used tooth pics. :)
    I wanted the slime in the mouth to look as if it was running for real. That's why I added the slime-web like look to them running off of the teeth. I hope it gives it the impression of being in motion, or of the mouth area opening. What do you think? Do you think it works or is it 'tacky'..????

    I will have more photos of this once I add the remaing dreads to it.
    'bout f*&^ing time someone is probably saying to themselves.....:)





    Let me know what you think.
    Critiques very welcome...:)

  11. jedistine

    jedistine Well-Known Member

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    I love the slime on the teeth and mouth.
    Looks great.
  12. RedTwoX

    RedTwoX Sr Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(DAVIDYR1 @ Aug 4 2006, 12:49 PM) [snapback]1293857[/snapback]</div>
    Nice touch. Not tacky at all. It works well.

    This is a very impressive piece. Great work :thumbsup
  13. JunkSabers1138

    JunkSabers1138 Sr Member

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    Nice piece. Are you trying to get the film predator look or your own predator look?

    If going for the film look:

    1. Redo the eyes. They look completely black... like a gator or shark.

    2. Reduce the slime (this could be done for your own look too. I think it's too much) and change the color a tiny bit.

    3. Slightly reduce the number of quills (I didn't even know they were toothpicks until I read your post. Good job on those.)

    Do that, and you my friend will have a really nice predator head. But you may do as you please.
  14. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    junksabers... no offense but you have no idea the skills this guy has...

    i like to think of david as one of the RPFs VIPs... if you know who howard and tom are... this guy is up there... i mean they all do different stuff... but yeah.

    they are ones that are going to wow you over and over... david isnt a first timer...

    you sould see the jackets he has done... god so much in the past year...

    david do you have alink to some of your other projects?

    not trying to asskiss just credit where its due. ;)
  15. AlpineDarthMaul

    AlpineDarthMaul Active Member

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    I like it. After seeing some of the others on your site, I'm way impressed with your work on these.
    The sculpt is awesome... great detail.

    I agree that the eyes may be a bit dark.. not enough contrast with the skin around the eyes to make them stand out really well.
    I like the slime, but I also agree that it should be a different color... even clear would give it shine without discoloring the rest of your work.

    Good work David, I can't wait untill the day I'm working at your caliber.

    PS... It was nice to meet you at SDCC. Thanks for the kind words on my stuff out there.
  16. DAVIDYR1


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    Thanks everyone for the comments.
    Weather in favor or all helps. Trust me. :)

    Thanks man and keep an eye on your inbox. This is a big weekend.... :)

    Thanks buddy. Glad you like it.


    Thanks for the comments, and let me offer some more details on your points of interest. :) Yes, it's 'mainly' based on the film look but there certainly have been some custom twists given to him. Nothing major or really intentional, but when doing replicas 'sometimes' the more organic ones can be the toughest to get that 'movie feel' or 'living look' conveyed. I really wanted this to look as real as I could...and less like a foam filled latex mask.

    1) Yea, the eyes are definately dark but there is a retina in there and sourrounded by dark burgundy-ish bloodshot areas that nearly blend in with the retina. Also, there's a translucent red clear coat over the eye area. You see all this in person but not so well in the pics I posted. :( I'm not good with anything electronic..LOL

    2) The slime...again...that was a bit of a leap. I did want the web like look from the teeth almost looking as if the mouth was put on pause while opening. That's the logic I was going by when I added that stuff and I'll admit it's been met with mixed feelings where I've shown it. Some really dig it and some just dont care for it. It's the one thing I really like and I hope the gent waiting on this headpiece chimes in to tell me what he thinks about it too.:)

    3) The quills...well, Preds got 'em...and quite a few of them too. Maybe mine really stand out in a few of the pics..Dont know but when I sculpted this I did sculpt in tiny recessed areas for the quills to go into based on what and how I saw them in my reference material. What I am glad at is the fact that you didnt mind them being tooth pics....I think they work...hoping to hear what more say about the quills though...I do think they look cool in person too. :)

    Man, to be compared to Howard and Tom...that to me is big. I'm truly humbled and very grateful.:)
    You're always kind and cool to everyone who works hard. Great community spirit and I cant thank you enough for your support. :thumbsup

    Hey it was great meeting you at SDCC. I was really blown away by your work.... I also appreciate your comments and suggestions. These darn Pred heads are by far the biggest pains in the * one could possibly imagine and I'm looking forward to getting it out the door ASAP.

    Thanks again all.

  17. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    just credit where its due, i know that when i log on there are about 10 people here that if they have something new, i know its gonna be something that WOWs me, and i think its safe to say your in that top 10.

    you go after alot of things that havent been done, and you do em and do em again... untill they are right.

    that i think is commendable in this hobby.

    you dont have a know it all attitude, and you share what you find... so...

    :thumbsup :thumbsup B)
  18. AlpineDarthMaul

    AlpineDarthMaul Active Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(oldken @ Aug 5 2006, 09:35 PM) [snapback]1294632[/snapback]</div>

    I agree. A very nice guy wearing one of Davids bat-suits pointed him out of the crowd. I went right over and introduced myself... He took time out of what he was doing to talk, dig out a business card, and invite me to dinner with his group (which I sadly had to decline). It was a very good first impression. And the next day when I saw him again, he topped the first meeting with how complementary he was. A great talent and a great guy... what more can you say?
  19. Scapey

    Scapey Sr Member

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    Love the slime :)
    But agree the mouth should be a touch less red...
  20. Nexus6

    Nexus6 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I personally like the strands of saliva. It DOES give the impression that his mouth is in the process of opening.

    :thumbsup :thumbsup
  21. MaddChinaMan

    MaddChinaMan Well-Known Member

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    That very well done, wouldn't want it in my room though, probaly freak me out every night I get up to use the BR. Haha just kidding. Great job, love the saliva.
  22. synasp

    synasp Sr Member

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    Love the slime, love the quills--everything. Could you take a close-up pic of the eye? How hard would it be to swap them out with the previous eyes?

    Fantastic work as always David.
  23. fettster

    fettster Sr Member

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    this pred looks amazing.

    love the slime and quills, you have outdone yourself again.

    top work
  24. Chewie15

    Chewie15 Sr Member

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    Looks frickin sweet David...

  25. pennausamike

    pennausamike Sr Member

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    Yeah, this sculpt is really cool, but my first thought was what room do you put it in that you don't jump out of your shorts every time you walk in.?

  26. franz bolo

    franz bolo Sr Member

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    Very cool..

    I didn't really like any of the Predator stuff, but at Comicon I saw all the Sideshow stuff and there were a couple guys in the suits. They looked really great.

    I got some cool pics of all the predator stuff there.

    I really like it now..

  27. synasp

    synasp Sr Member

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    Re: Predator Dispaly Headpiece Build Up.

    This Predator has scared me to hell and back when the room is dark and I forget its there. :lol

    ah, good memories.... :(

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