Predator Commando Team Diorama/Progress shots


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The groundwork is now dry and I just applied the first coat of paint . Still has a ways to go.. but wanted to show off the progress photos of this.



That looks great. The grounds looks great also. I am working on a AVP vs military right now. The thought is that the preds are pulling out the queen from one of their desert pyramid types settings, all hell happens than the military jumps in. My base is around 4-5 feet long around 4 ft long with 35-40 figs. Again your piece looks amazing.
I will, i'm new so I can't do a thread yet, but I will. My dad looked at your piece and said "Outstanding", it gave him some ideas. Anyways will keep you updated, have a good Sunday.
No predator blood. Sorry. It's going to have Hawkins bloody gear though. The Predator blood won't make sense in the scene I'm depicting as he wasn't that close to Hawkins stuff when he got shot.
That looks great so far!

Just make an empty scene with groundwork and tell people it's the Predator. I bet you could get people to sit and stare at it to try and find him. :lol

What are you using for the diorama as far as materials? I haven't done a diorama with groundwork before, but have an idea that requires it.
Amazing diorama! I'm willing to bet it looks even better in person!

Love the use of aquarium plants! And your paint skills are off the scale! Fantastic skin tones! :eek

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