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he has had most parts for a while but ive been tweekin on him for the past several months but i got him done ....mostly...just missing cannon really XD and few accesories but he will live for now. Went to Con-Nooga with Marvel Zombie this past feb. and we won the Costume contest a 2 good pics of my pred



But about 4 days ago a good friend of mine helped me move and seen my predator suit and asked if he could do a photo shoot of it to add to his website later to broaden his photography range. Here are some he has finished so far and he is doing more at the moment.....







Well thats if for now,...till i decide to add more to him.....or sell him (y) ....but i do know that Dragon Con is just a few days away and i WILL be there... i couldnt find the thread for this years con group so if anyone goin please let me know so i can contact you so i can find you guys and group up with ya down there. well let me know what you guys think of him and thanks for looking !
About damn time! I remember when you were broke and couldn't even buy parts xD. It looks gnarly good job bro. Now get that thing put in the trophy room!
i know right garo! lol already ahead of ya , i sent message to kit. haha hes bout to make a is first debut at dragon con this so excited (y)
thanks everyone for the comments, its been a long journey geting the suit together....and i cant take all the credit, for Marvel Zombie put in just as much time into helping me build it just as i did. im very proud of it but there already is being wear and tear on him, it also doesnt help that he sits in a cardboard box in my closest floor till i need to pull the suit out, i wish i could get a manaquine for him to sit on and show him off to my guests but i cant afford paying $160+ for one. Oh well haha just lookin forward to Dragon Con this weekend and joining with other members and be in a large group of pred heads (y)
I sent you a PM with my phone number to meet up at Dragon*Con. The suit looks great, and your friend's photos look great as well. I really dig the bio that you've got. I don't see too many Ancients around.

I'd like to see it in person at Dragon*Con, so here's hoping you hook up with us!
thanks elkman, lookin forward to meeting you all there. and ya i love the ancient bio, fell in love with it the first time i seen it. kinda knew it was gonna be my bio XD
Thata boy! You've made me proud I'm getting all misty eyed. (y) We are going to rock the house at Dragon Con!!! We've been on many hunts together but this one is going to be the granddaddy of them all!
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