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  • Thanks for the tip ^^ and actually I was planning on buying most of the costume off of other artists, however I may make some pieces myself (clothing, trophies, ect) but the head Im planning on getting from Userper.
    Hehe, glad you like my OC Kyra, as for the pet, I will probably make a small xenemorph shoulder pet. That is, given I can sculpt one XD would be cool to have a buddy to play as the xeno though hehe.
    Well I thought that! I thought it fitted her, It is old names and I didnt really want to give her the usual Ha'bla'b'a names that noone can pronounce... but Im naming her "Irgaard" for short. Saw your topic, commented on it!
    It is always fun to see new concept drawings and such, so be sure to post some up when you have some drawings ready. Not sure of which name you mean, my nickname or my preds name, :p care to elaborate? Thanks, Nicole
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Hey Hunters/ Huntresses XD<br />~~~~~~~<br />I have been thinking about making TWO costumes in my collection of Costumes XD XD<br />Ok I dont have a collection, I was thinking of making a Queen of a made up species I made and the Diamond Predator Ea'kath,<br />I have been trying to find Oil based clay for my sculpts, I CANT FIND ANY AT THE MOMENT, XD<br />OK so I am starting on designing both which will be found in my Topic &quot;Hunter of the Darks ART&quot; Hunter of the Darks Art Topic It also includes some pictures of my made up species like the armour of some and some hunting, and some fighting XD.<br />Ok the Oueen's name is Viya, and I have a feeling my Diamond predator's name might change to that too. Comment if you think so.<br />Vira (The queen) is the hunter of her race and will hunt anything around her that gets in her way, she will lead the warriors of her clan into the preys territory and ambush the prey with her army of warriors,<br />She has been leader for 13 years since her time being chosen 16 years before. Not really tall, (neither is my D.P Diamond. Predator) but can blend into the greenery as her skin is green with light yellow dots. You'll find out more about her in another topic.<br />Now to the D.P<br />My Diamond Predator has gone through many designs and all that to get it right,<br />She is considered the rarest of her kind, because of her hight, skin colour and her Diamond pattern on her crest or head. Also because she (Like Kyra) has got a Predalien as a pet, or partner. Her Predalien was the last living one on Ea'kaths hunt, and the Predalien, instead of attacking, hid in the darkest part of the hive, but could not Hide from Ea'kaths vision, Later on, she used a dead alien corpse to carve a Diamond shape on the Predalien's dome, it seemed pretty happy with it.<br />And over the time of her learning about her Predalien better, she developed a language to talk to them, mainly using it to defend her self against alien swarms or talk to her Predalien.<br />----------------------<br />Enough Text about that! XD<br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Also see Ea'kath in the creation at this topic,<br />Ea'kath in Creation<br /> <br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Hope you enjoyed this... what ever it is... XD<br />Thanks for reading

Predators, aliens, drawing, painting... pretty much anything else to do with Aliens.
May 27
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Ea'kath the Diamond Predator