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I'm not very knowledgable in costuming and I was hoping someone would know where I could buy, or how I could build, the ranger suits from the '95 movie in time for NYCC'15 and anyone who has the time and knowledge I would appreciate all your help, I need as much as I can get. I'm hoping to have by the end a red, a blue, and a yellow male suit then in time a black and a pink female suit. my focus right now is the male suits, blue first because that will be mine
I can direct you where to get a decent helmet cast. But as far as the costumes go, you might have to rock those yourself. But it does look like most of them are just plates of armor on top of an undersuit. They also look pretty basic. I would start off with a lot of reference pics and template making. Maybe eva foam.
I was looking to build or buy it just depends on money. I went on ranger board and I found one or two threads but they weren't very helpful

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But thank both of you, yeah I have a lot of reference pics of the suits and individual plates outside of the Lycra. And thank you for the link
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