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Hi Everyone, new guy here. I've been learning to sculpt for about 8 months now, so I think Its time to ask amazing & talented artist here to help me with any critics & advice. Please would you kindly give me a benchmark & especially about simmetry issue & Smoothing the clay.

I made a mistake by using Chavant NSP Hard in this sculpture. It is veeeeeery hard clay. too hard for me. I never try other type of clay except pottery clay which is soft, easy to smooth, but out of question for make a silicone mold with. Since Chavant's price here is soooo expensive because of the tax. So I'll stick with this clay & try to reach its max potential.

So my question is :
Is it possible to make my sculpture soooo smoooth especially in the corner of the edgy shape with this clay? That's the hurdle I couldn't solve so far. Its annoying. I've tried to smooth the edgy shape with pottery clay and it turns out good But in this NSP hard every time I try to smoothing the nook & cranny the clay behave almost like body filler (bondo). I try to heat it with the heat gun & it became soft yet quite difficult too to make it smooth. Strange. Is there any tools or trick to smoothing this particular part?

Thank you, I appreciate any inputs :)


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Which tool were you using? Just out of interest. A nice thinnish wire loop tool with a square end will help dig out hard corners. Shave the surface even with the tool and use a little water or 99% alcohol on your finger to help smooth it out a little more.
The great thing about chavant is it is an automotive clay. Meaning it takes hard edges and smoothing very well.

For the corner in particular, I'd build out the clay a little and use a scalpel to cut it right out. If you don't cut it perfectly, take a flat wood tool dipped in water to fixed any bumps or flaws.

For smoothing, take a polishing rag and water and buff the clay out. You can get it glass smooth and the clay will actually shine.
flame polishing is a great final step too. Take a blow torch, and glide the flame across the surface. Don't bring the heat in too close as the clay will blister, if done right however the surface will be super polished.
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