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While I haven't done what you're trying to do, I'd imagine just trying the suit on and using the model as reference, draw yourself a hole. If you're sewing the edge, just leave at least 1/4" extra and have at it. :confused


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When I made this outfit(not for me!), I made the tights themselves. But, you can simply sew a circle onto the front, cut out around the inside of the stitch line, flip the circle inside, and stitch down the hem. Don't forget to plan for your undergarments.
I would suggest one of the following:

- Use elastic around the keyhole hem to keep it from stretching out over time. This will allow the keyhole to expand/contract with body movement. This would be good for PG versions where the keyhole is a circular shape.

Ex: Hemming Elastic: Sewing Tips and Tricks - YouTube

- Finish the edges of the keyhole by doing a facing (much like you would on a neck opening or armhole). This would be good for PG versions where the keyhole has sharp corners.

Ex: Teach Yourself to Sew: Faced Edges - YouTube

I did a facing around the keyhole on a PG suit I recently did, and I also sewed a bra into the suit to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. The keyhole was the very last thing I did - I marked the outer edges of the keyhole while the suit was being worn.

Here is how mine turned out (rectangular keyhole, faced edge, being worn by fabulous customer)

Good luck!


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I'm probably a few months late in responding to this, but after sewing the leotard, I put it on, took a pair of scissors and cut a horizontal line across my chest, then a small vertical line in the middle, making a very wide "+" sign. I then folded the material under and pinned it in place to form the desired cut-out that I wanted. I carefully took it off and used a zig-zag stitch to finish.

It looks a bit distorted in this pose, but it is actually symmetrical. The only thing I was displeased with was my collar was a bit wonky.

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I'm tackling this as my main costume for DragonCon this year. @gstqfashions, I adore your cape! The shoulder armor is what attracted me to Volume 2 PG (and researching how to make it was one of the reasons I finally joined rpf!). I'm sewing the suit, so I just made a slit across the bust point that matched with the princess seams. It stretches open to a nice curve once worn (but needs a thin line of elastic to help keep its shape).


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Power Girl is hiding a Wookie! Just kidding, the costume looks great! I never get tired of seeing the Power Girl costumes!
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