Post your fan made costumes (or mods) that aren't just right


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WarPig's 1977 3-CPO post was a really great read and I thought that there had to be some other members with the same (or similar) experience. So if you do post it here!

Can be your first custom suit, you favorite custom costume (or Mods), just one with the only photo you have or even a photo you found online (or elsewhere). Ones that arn't 100% accurate but fun (or scary)

For example:

Professor Klump


from: custom costumes, Mascots, promotional costumes

Here's another one: Batman 89 Mask (presumably from Batman Stunt Show at six flags) *from Batman Unmasked*

and a copy that exists today (but in real bad shape) :
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Cool, I like the 89 Bust, it looks kinda like the Clooney Cowl, just with some interesting lines and the details on the temples. Just my opinion, if they were doing pulls from that, I'd be interested...
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