post images/info about Mk3 No1 grenade here


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I'd like to amass information about variations of grenades--and get that ARCHIVED for our board.

Please anyone with images of their grenade, or info--post it here.

(Renamed my original thread--asking if old post with info about variations fell off board.)


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Yeah sadly it dropped I think, and I don't think I saved my summation but I'll check around.

Wanna try it again?


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Not as detailed as my last version, but here goes:

No. 3 Mk 1 variations:

Frag Body
...Groove angle--some have exra-wide angle 'around' grooves.
...Groove cross-section varies, some are at or nearly symmetrical to a radius of the body cross-section, some are shaped so that alternating frag columns have parallel-sided walls. Probably there are in-between variations.
...Frag column widths--some examples are all equal, some examples alternate wider/narrower/wider
...Lengthwise groove end shape--sometimes these are curved to various degrees, ('asymmetrical'), sometimes these are 'straight' ('symmetrical'), (the only known example of which is Jediscout's grenade).
...Lengthwise groove end position--sometimes these noticeably cut into the last 'ring' at one or the other or both ends, and sometimes they don't.
...Upper bevel--the angle of this varies, as does whether or not it starts right at the edge of the topmost groove.

...Threading to Frag body and vane blades may not be standardized (my speculation).
...Thickness varies
...Height (i.e. location) and angle of bevel to thicker section varies, some examples have a step instead of a bevel.
...Height of other details also varies, i.e. distance of threading, holes, and grooves from stem base.

...Vane sleeve height varies.
...Vane sleeve printing varies in visibility and style, some examples have no printing visible.
...Vane sleeve flange--flange, no flange, big flange, little flange.
...Vane groove--sometimes there is no groove, sometimes there is just a hint of a depression going around the vane sleeve, sometimes there is a fully-developed groove with a cross-section that 'swoops' down to the flange. The width of the groove varies.

Edited 8-12-03 to correct memory lapses and refine some language.


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Thanks for all the info, thus far.
In retrospect, we should have archived that thread.

I've got pictures I can add here--please anyone else join in. It would be an great to view as many REAL grenades as possible, to see the variations we come up with from those who own them on the board.

My 'straight' grooved version:




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I got my first grenade for around $300 & the second one free. Third I'm still barganing for, will let you know how much it costs.



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The usual price range for these grenades is from under $200 for ones in mediocre to bad condition, up through $500 for ones in especially fine condition.

Outside this usual range, some have gone for $700, or in one very special case as much as $1,200.

I'll post the stuff I have tonight.


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Here's a few more.

Most of you probably have these pics, in circulation for quite a while:



Here's one from my own collection:
Or Gren Web.JPG

...and another formerly from my collection:

Or Gren2 Web_1.JPG

...and this one, 'the' DH grenade, posted with Hez' kind permission:

UK type Web.JPG

...and another, Roman's original grenade, his pic posted with his kind permission:

RE Gren Web.JPG

And Chen's grenade:

Chen gren close Web.JPG


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It appears that they were made out of different materials too. That last one looks like it was made out of steel.


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The frag bodies are all, so far as I know, of steel or conceivably iron. Variations in color are due to different degrees and kinds of oxidation, or remains of original paint. The stems and vanes were all made of brass.

Darth Violence wrote:
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It appears that they were made out of different materials too. That last one looks like it was made out of steel.
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Scarf, I've emailed EJ, the guy who created the very cool Inert-ord site from which the above pic was taken, asking for permission to post it. He's a member here and I hope he'll come by.

scarf man

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Righty O, if you know who he is LMK or pm him yourself, I have edited my post for now. I would not want to steal anyones thunder.

EDIT: (damn spelling)


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EJ's given permission to post pics from the inert-ord site so long as the site is credited. I PM'd Scarfman but maybe he's AFK. I haven't time to do it until this evening--anyone else wanna do it?
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