Possible Disney Parks Star Wars Weekends TK suit.


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So found this at an antique mall in Micanopy. At first I thought it was a Rubie's, but the more I look at the helmet it's definitely not a Rubie's. Both the armor, and helmet are hard thick plastic, and the helmet is multiple part with flat lenses unlike the cheap soft vinyl, and domed lensed Rubie's supreme. It also has several vents for air circulation.
Last two pics are of actual Disney used suits.
What do you guys think?


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Update! Turns out it is actually just an overpriced Rubie's Supreme with flat lenses. Nothing special. Glad I didn't waste my money on it
Nice find! But what you are seeing. is Rubies. The helmet is the "Frankenstein's Monster" Rubies helmet with the ginormous forehead that they have been selling for a while now; I believe your helmet may be one of the cheap foreign made "recasts" / knockoffs of the Frankenstein Rubies that can be found on Amazon, using thicker plastic and flat lenses. Here is the "new" Rubies on the left, next to the Hasbro Black series on the right.


The original Disney MGM studios stormtrooper (and Vader) costumes came directly from the Japanese George Lucas Super Live Adventure Show. They had a "uni-brow" eyepiece that was covered with mesh, not lenses, and a mouth mesh without teeth:


They were in the Disney-MGM park for a few years in the 1990s but were ultimately replaced with the photos you showed above... Hanger18Studios (Scott) was involved. From a necro-post of at whitearmor.net:

The [new] Disney armor was made by an outfit called Hanger 18 Studios, commissioned by Disney and approved by LFL. It was made to be wearable in the heat and humidity of central Florida and to allow a freedom of movement that the kits used by the 501st generally don't, all the while meeting Disney's safety requirements for its cast members.

Here's my ANCIENT thread on the topic:
Update! Turns out it is actually just an overpriced Rubie's Supreme with flat lenses. Nothing special. Glad I didn't waste my money on it

Yeah, the soft molding lip around the edges of the (ROTJ style) armor is a giveaway. The Disney suits have sharp, well defined edging lip around the torso pieces, and the ribbed shoulder strap pieces attached differently.

HOWEVER... those gloves in your pic look like 1st Order gloves??!!
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They probably are. But i wasnt about to spend 1500 on a potential rubies junk costume anyway. Mabe 600 with the mannequin but i woudn't pay much more than that for a display
They also had this resin/fiberglass static R2 but wanted like $3,200 for him.
Looks like one of those kits you used to be able to buy off ebay.


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