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Finally I got the deleted scene from POLTERGEIST

The original cast of the film POLTERGEIST included veteran actor Edward Ashley, who portrayed Dr. Lesh's colleague Anthony Farrow.

In this deleted scene, Anthony Farrow and Dr. Lesh discussing the video footage Lesh's team filmed at the Freeling house. Farrow then convinces Dr. Lesh to bring in Tangina to handle the case.

Poltergeist Deleted Scene.jpg

A Screenshot of the Deleted Scene

Edward was really disappointed that his scene with Beatrice Straight was cut from the film. On July 20, 1982 Edwards sent Steven Spielberg this letter:

"Needless to say, this "old heart of mine" was brocken to learn that my scene with Beatrice Straight had been eliminated from "Poltergeist". Oh, I`m sure for a very good reason, nevertheless to miss being in a smash Steven Spielberg production, to say the least, is a terrible disappointment. To help soften the blow, would you allow me to purchase a 3/4 cassette cut of the scene? It would be for my personal use only. Beatrice says this meets with her approval, insofar as she is concerned and it would really mean so much to me."

Ashley letter to Spielberg.jpg

Edward`s letter to Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg was an admirer of Edward Ashley`s earlier films and noting Edward's disappointment in having his scene cut from the final edit and upon direct request from Edward, Steven gave Edward a copy of the deleted scene for his own archives. He had also send Edward`s letter back to Edward.

Poltergeist Deleted Scene on Type C Cassette.jpg

The Tape with the Deleted Scene that Steven Spielberg send to Edward

Before Edward Ashley passed away, he gave this tape with the deleted scene and his letter to Steven Spielberg to a friend.

After a long search I met Edward's friend on the internet and immediately messaged him. This scene with Dr Lesh and Farrow has remained unreleased to this day and I was really excited that I finally got this deleted scene for my private Collection. Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy this deleted scene, but after I told a POLTERGEIST friend of mine about this tape, he immediately bought it.

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