please help me find a Back to the Future 2 cap


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Hi everyone.

I have been trying to find a Back to the Future 2 cap I have seen many diffrent once.

some with a card like this one. ( from the movie this one looks better )

and others that look like these miraj caps.

if any one can help that would be great.

thank you


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There's a store in London I pop into, now and then. It's called the London Cinema Store. They had one of these suckers in store the last few times I've visited, it was carded and everything.


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I saw them selling this in Forbidden Planet here in the UK. They don't seem to have it on their website, so I wonder whether it was an individual store choice.


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Here is my collection of BTTF 2 Hats. One is the ultra rare 1992 Fantasma Hat with the holes in it, but lenticular is different in colors (Looks great in person). Next is 1991 Alice Malloy hat, then the Miraj cap, and then Diamond Select hat.
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