Plaster Molds

I'm using a fine casting plaster to mold, all we have over here, it's fine. I tried look for places in uk and the 1s that did before dont seem to do anymore
I had a few chats with Usurper a while ago and from memory he suggested this stuff. It is called Basic Alpha Plaster from and is what I plan on using unless I decide to go silicone. They seem pretty good as a one stop shop for everything.

I've had a look at this. It says it's plaster of paris on the packet? Surely I don't want that?? It's too soft and crumbly. Am I missing something here?
The bag has Plaster of Paris on it in the photo granted. I am guessing a wrong photo on the website? This is the stuff people in the uk use. Check out Troggs' sculpt thread or search "Alpha Plaster", I would give Tiranti a ring and speak to them, that way you know for sure.
Going of the spec it sounds very much like Crystacal R which is a hard dental plaster. They have the same plaster to water ratio.
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