Searching - Predator P1 1987 Original Screenused - Wrisblades Gauntlets Original Molds Prop pictures Informations ?!


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(I write the same now also here in the forum what I have written to stan winston schoolI )

hello I have a project for my own use, i am a fan of the movie predator and I noticed that many statues and models that are on the market are not 100 percent like in screenused so I am 100 percent clear what the armor of the predator looks like I have my information based on movie mold created statues and their pictures it can all be recreated and recreated for fans but it is unfortunately nowhere known as what the wrisblade looks like about it unfortunately no one has information there is unfortunately only blurred pictures since 1987 can someone resherch or ask ? or what happened to the screeused where it is?

Can someone Help me Herr in the Forum Comunity with Picasso of Replikas I Need it for a Screen accurat 3d Model project !!!

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