(PICTURE HEAVY) COD Juggernaut - Reference material needed


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Alright to start off, yes I am a Call of duty fan boy.
No this idea was not sparked by the newest COD but the previous one (MW2)
I do own the game but I do not poses the necessary hardware to capture images effectively.

I have decided to put together a "Juggernaut" suit as depicted in the newer COD(MW3). Now I have looked around the plentiful interwebz and have only come up with a few low res images (see below).

I am asking for your help to get me some more material to work with, as in I'd like as many shots from as many angles as I can of the suit from the new MW3.

The purpose of this? I am building one (will be posting updates in THIS thread to minimize clutter).
Little background as to why;
- I am an avid Airsoft player so the suit will come in handy in some game scenarios through out the year
- And I am planning on "cosplaying" it at a few local conventions

If you have any input or suggestions on building materials I should use please feel free to either post here or PM me.

I have built something similar but not quite to this scale/detail before an "Army of Two" suit of armour, pictured here

Not pretty, Not detailed, but it "suited" its purpose, if you'd pardon the pun.
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Re: Reference material needed

I cannot really help with actual MW2(or is it 3, your phrasing was wishy-washy) images but try searching for "EOD suit" or "bomb suit" for more reference material.


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Re: COD Juggernaut - Reference material needed

its from the newest instalment MW3.
I've looked up the EOD suit and the base is quite similar. though in MW3 it seem the ballistics collar and some other areas are exaggerated, and modified for combat.

alright well thanks to COD Elite and screenshots I was able to get some more reference material on my own.

The helmet seems to be a modified flight helmet. (easy enough)
4 x M203 grenades
2x Smoke grenades
4x M203 open pouches
Black chest rig (zippered)
Black body armour
Black Admin panel (zippered)
MBITR style radio
Large black radio pouch
2X M60 Box mag pouches Black
2X M60 box mags
1X Carabiner clip
2X horitzonal mag puches black (no idea what mag pouches will do a little more digging)
1/2 x horizontal misc pouch (cannot identify at this time)
Kneepads seem to be hatch style
4X pistol/mp5 mag pouches
1x knife+sheath
2x drop leg panels black
Multi cam BDU
and a pair of black boots

the rest just seems like custom armour
a crotch guard and a butt guard
the ballistics collar, has 2 layers 1 outer which looks to be metal covered by fabric and a inner which is thick kevlar
shoulder armour is 3 layers going from small to large
the leg and arm armour seems to be a modifed version of dirt bike pads

to be quite honest it doesnt look like there will be "that much" custom building, just alot of modifying and attaching.

and now time for the image dump for others that may want them

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if i could give you a quick idea i used in mine a 25 gallon bucket as a base frame for the neck coller it might help might not.