Photo shoot with my Bourne Identity burn bag.


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I've spent a little over a year collecting contents for my replica Bourne Identity bag. I collected the replica contents from many sources, and I created the templates for the credit cards myself (I'm happy to share that PDF) The bag and some of the money came from Magnoli Props.

I'm not as good at building props, but I do love photographing them and coming up with compositions.

Here is the feature composition:

And here are a few on-location shoots with the bag I did with my friend Lily on Embassy Row in Washington DC



And here are some detail shots of the individual props

The passports came from Gus Weber via eBay. These were extremely hard to come by. It's very difficult ordering "counterfeit" passports for delivery in America. They didn't pass customs the first try.


It's been very difficult to locate an exact replica of the German Army Knife that was used in the movie, but this one is legit German Army issue. The multi-tool is an exact match and very common.


The leather (loop) keychain and USB drive were kind of pricey and came from Europe. I used screen grabs to mock up the credit cards. I printed them on label paper, and adhered them to expired Hotel key cards (right size, and no embossed letters or chips)

The cash came from multiple sources. The best I got however is from I highly recommend them.
I'm still in search for a few more country's currency, but the film came out right before the Euro was standardized, so the franc, lyre, and deutschmark, even as replicas, are a bit more difficult to find for sale. So for now, I'm going to pause on pursuing those.

This was one of my big quarantine projects, now I'm moving on to something new.
ageowns, This is a fantastic display of your project in replicating the go-bag/burn bag. I really like the photos you took out in the wild, especially with your friend Lily on the building window ledge down on Embassy Row, and the one of her dropping her sunglasses, being shot through the foliage. Great artistic framing. Thanks for sharing.
I Have one of Indy's bags and now looking for the trash can to properly use it. Anyone had any luck finding a suitable one? ageowns, can you share dimensions or any makers marks to help me find one? from the bag itself I can work out it needs to be about 28-29cm Diameter and >40cm tall...
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Love my burn bag, got it ages ago now. I use it fairly often and it's getting a bit worn looking. I might have to have a look and see if he's still making them. Great pics.
Hey, if you're still around, I'd love a copy of the credit card PDFs. I've got lots of old hotel keys, would be fun to transform them.

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