1. B

    Freddy VS Jason - Jason Voorhees Pants? - Jason Voorhees Silicone Hood?

    So I'm putting together a screen accurate Jason Voorhees Costume from Freddy Vs. Jason and I've run into two snags. The first one is the pants. I can't seem to find anything that is spot on for the pants. I belive they custom made them for Ken Kirzinger out of Terry cloth, so maybe I'm SOL...
  2. ageowns

    Photo shoot with my Bourne Identity burn bag.

    I've spent a little over a year collecting contents for my replica Bourne Identity bag. I collected the replica contents from many sources, and I created the templates for the credit cards myself (I'm happy to share that PDF) The bag and some of the money came from Magnoli Props. I'm not as...
  3. twnhstnut

    Mahoning Drive-In props

    This pat year I was introduced to the Mahoning Drive-In theater in Lehighton PA. It is the only drive in left that exclusively shows 35mm films (although they do have digital capacity for VHS and non film movies). It has the second largest drive in screen in the US. A big part of this...