1. ageowns

    Photo shoot with my Bourne Identity burn bag.

    I've spent a little over a year collecting contents for my replica Bourne Identity bag. I collected the replica contents from many sources, and I created the templates for the credit cards myself (I'm happy to share that PDF) The bag and some of the money came from Magnoli Props. I'm not as...
  2. factotumindust

    Savage Industries - EDC Three

    During the lock down period I took some time to fabricate a new tote for the beach (sure it was late Autumn but that didn't stop me). I used some reclaimed PVC coated canvas (marquee panels) thus negating the need for a liner. It required some clever planning so I could get all the pockets /...
  3. Resistance Rey Bag

    Resistance Rey Bag

    Resistance Rey Bag
  4. CSJLeather

    Witcher 3 Feline Leather bag

    Handmade Leather Cat school gear belt bag from the witcher 3. I had a great time making this, getting the pattern by measureing the bag on my TV while the game was running, counting the stitches to make it a close to the ingame version as posible. I have a DIY video on my youtube channel (link...