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Hey everyone,

I know I haven't posted in a while, I was busy with school and other hobbies. The other hobby that I am referring to is high powered rocketry. You use a lot of composites in HPR, mainly fiberglass and carbon fiber. Many people press their own fin plates, roll their own airframes or do tip to tip lay ups with carbon fiber. Could some of the same methods and materials be used for reinforcing pepakura costume components? More specifically, I am referring to using laminating epoxy such as Aeropoxy or US Composites and 2x2 twill 3k carbon fiber and applying them the same way you would fiberglass. I was also wondering if anyone here vacuum bags their parts. Also, I have some epoxy that I use for my rockets called Rocketpoxy G5000, it has a 1:1 mix ratio and is extremely strong, doesn't generate heat when curing and cures relatively fast (one of my friends used it on a rocket that hit Mach 3 and 40000 feet without problems). Could I use this for joining the sections? Here's the data sheet on the epoxy:

Thanks, Littlemisterbig
This is mostly just a bump before this gets pushed to the second page because I'm intrigued and want to hear more so excuse my total lack of knowledge and expertise but, Why wouldn't it work? I mean if it's good enough for rockets it seems like it would certainly be good enough for sitting on a mantle or struttin' around a 'con. I'm thinking one drawback my be cost, this stuff seems like it has a pretty specific purpose so maybe it isn't as economical.
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