Help with resin/hardening procedures? (And other stuff!)


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Hello everyone, first public post here, asking for some clarity/guidance! I have been tremendously lucky in having a senior member help me out with my build thus far, however I am taking an epoxy/fiberglass approach whereas his forte is foam. That being said, here are some issues I hope the community here can help me address.

-First off, as I said I plan to use epoxy resin and fiberglass. I am assuming/hoping this will be not be an issue if I use fiberglass cloth? I read fiberglass mats do not like epoxy resin very much, or rather a portion in the mats will not dissolve.

-Second, there seem to be a couple different weaves and weights. I am leaning towards e-glass. Is there a certain weave or fiber orientation I should go with? I.e. Single direction fiberglass cloths layered in different directions, or more omnidirectional weaves several times?

-Lastly, I am a bit confused on the proper process. I do not wish to ruin my pepakura so I would like to hopefully get this procedure right the first time :).

Would the process (after assembling the pepakura model of course) look something like this?

1. Resin(only) the outside of the model.
2. Resin(only) the outside of the model for a second coat.
3. After waiting for second coat to cure, resin the inside...?
4.After waiting for inside resin coat to cure, fiberglass then resin the inside of model.
5. Wait for the fiberglass/resin inside to cure, then add another layer of fiberglass/resin.
6.Wait for interior to cure once more, then do exterior touchup with body filler/putty.
7.Resin over the touched up exterior areas once more...?

I am sure I have some parts/assumptions wrong here, but like I said - i'd rather not biff up the first time around. Thank you for any clarity ya'll can give!