Pedro's Blasters - Current projects: DL-18 and A295 Hoth rifle


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I have a bunch of blaster projects either in the works or on the drawing board, figured I'd post here rather than a new one for each. Pew pew!

You may have seen my DL-44 project with parts from Denix, Todd's Costumes, and scratch:

Pedro's DL-44 (ANH Hero)

DDC Defender (ANH)
The next primitive weapon I've been working on is Leia's DDC Defender (ANH version), which is a conversion of the very nice though cheapo Rubies prop. At first glance this is very accurate, though not perfect. Most of the inaccuracies carry over from the Master Replicas version, as has been discussed extensively. The plan is to re-model anything that doesn't match up well with the real prop, as well as replace what I can with metal/found parts. I really enjoy the weight and metal "feel" of my DL-44, so wanted to get close to that with this blaster as well.

I sawed off the barrel, to be replaced with a stainless steel tube. Stainless is a bitch to work with and probably not the best choice, but it's nice and heavy! I back filled the plastic pistol frame with epoxy putty and squished in the tube, then cut away the excess epoxy. Perfect fit!

Pedro-DDC-barrel-01.jpg Pedro-DDC-barrel-03.jpg Pedro-DDC-barrel-02.jpg

Still haven't figured out how I'm going to deal with the front sight. I'll probably scratchbuild something, trying to salvage the plastic parts may be a lost cause because it would be so thin at the bottom where the barrel plugs in. More on that later when I get to it.

Rubies muzzle is reasonably accurate, but far from perfect. The "cooling fin" is close but no cigar, and the slot in the muzzle is modeled after the wrong Margolin version, with the slot too far back. For cooling fins I purchased a tomtit engine grill from Todd's (can't have too many of those laying around!). I'm fashioning the muzzle itself from a 1" diameter aluminum rod, less than $10 on Amazon for 12". I spent a couple weeks trying to think of a way to cut the diagonal slot using only hand tools and my wimpy drill press. I really need a metal shop, or at least a lathe and a mill. Anyhoo, I decided to drill a series of holes along the slot and cut away the rest with hand saw and files. Here I marked the angle with some math and a sharpie, and hammered starter points for the drilling.


1 million hours of filing later I had this! Next I'll cut to length, drill out the bore, chuck it in my drill, and ghetto lathe the beveled ends. The slot is a bit thicker than on the real muzzle, but that's how thick my big flat file is. It'll do!

Pedro-DDC-muzzle-02.jpg Pedro-DDC-muzzle-03.jpg

Below the barrel, the Margolin has a thumb screw thingie to help field strip the weapon. I was going to just clean up the Rubies part, but the seam runs right through the knurl and is pretty much unfixable. I scrounged for suitable donor parts and came up with a cheap x-acto knife, the diameter is just slightly too big but close enough for me, and a nice small knurl. Here's the starter piece:


I sawed off a thin slice from the flat end, turned the inset side down a bit (ghetto lathe, hand drill and flat file), then the slice slid right over the inset. Nice! More filing to create the triangular cutout. I think this should come to more of a point, but I'm satisfied with this.

Pedro-DDC-release-02.jpg Pedro-DDC-release-03.jpg

I filed the tip of an aluminum rod down to mate with this new part. After getting the angle right I realized that I need a larger diameter rod, it needs to be as wide as the knurled part in order to get the little cut-in at the base as on the real gun. I'll be filing down what remains of the x-acto handle for a better match, but here's the temp part to give you the idea.


That's where I'm at today. I'll be adding as many details from the real weapon as I can find, including adding the missing safety. I do have a couple questions for anyone who may have a real Margolin ( OdiWan72 , @scottjua), anyone want to help? I'd love a pic of the magazine/base of the grip, I'm sure there's some "stuff" down there but can't find any photos online. Also, can anyone provide dimensions for the front site parts? I'll probably scratch build something so need the basics, as well as the diameter of the knob up there. (maybe I can use a dime..hmm....). Also, there's a hole drilled each(?) side of the muzzle. Is there anything in the hole? A set screw of some kind?
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And while you´re at it...get rid off the triangular slide lock "wings". The ANH DDCD does not have this feature.
Front sight is the wrong version for ANH as you already mentioned. Will try to get you some more pics/ measurements asap
small holes in muzzle go all the way through, no screws etc.
Awesome Markus, thanks! I didn't realize the sight was wrong too, was just going to scratch build it since the detail is soft and has some issues for any version. I was trying to sort out the "wings" in pics from ANH, found some good photos on the web. I agree, it looks like it just uses the flat version, though I kind of like the look of the wings. Anyway, off they go tonight if I have time. ;) The mag release details are exactly what I needed! Should be pretty simple to scratch build.

Is the real gun blued with black grips? Looks like the magazine is a lighter more silver color too.
Man, it's been like 100 years since I posted anything! Or more accurately, 1 baby girl! ;) Anyway, I've been working on a zillion projects. Most notably at the moment, I'm 3d printing an DG-29 (Tobias Beckett) blaster in resin. This started as a few parts to "accurize" my Traywick designs kit, but after I kept finding little inaccuracies (and getting the hang of Fusion 360) I decided to recreate the whole blaster. I designed a simple mechanism that unlocks the "cylinder" by pulling back on the safety lever, and you can pull out the power cell, which is based on the concept designs for the gun. Here's the blaster in 3d:

The whole thing should go together with just screws, though I have some tape and glue on my prototype. The frame cover unscrews to access the internal workings. I'm making some tweaks here and there but this baby is just about ready for final printing! Some luck for once, I already had the correct scope, a cheap airsoft 4x20 I bought hoping it might look ok on a DL-44 (it doesn't).

Power cell (need to reprint, this was a redesign from what I had inside the cylinder originally).

Not an easy task, but I managed to model some fairly realistic wood grain for the grips/foregrip. I'll likely end up making these in wood anyway, but wanted to print some nice ones to see if I could!

Of course now I have a bunch of not quite DG-29 parts laying around ha! Anyone need a blaster? I'll probably do the RSKF-44 as well, many parts are shared, and I've already made a few replacements for the Traywick kit.
I finished modeling the foregrip (magigger). I think this wood grain is pretty convincing!

(The plank is walnut, little piece is resin printed). I don’t know if I have the patience to model the tiny pinpoint grains haha!
My first prototype of Tobias Beckett’s DG-29 heavy blaster is done! I’m making some tweaks to parts fit, trying to make a little room for LED options in the frame, but it’s pretty much there. Grips are walnut with flex resin printed inserts. I want to try making the foregrip from wood but haven’t quite figured out how.

I did my best to make this as accurate as possible, photo matched to what references are available. All of the fan made versions I’ve seen have flip up tabs to lock the side loader in place, which is incorrect. Looking closely at the photo in the Solo book you can see there is supposed to be a pin on top of the rotating hinge to limit rotation, and a “lock” under the cylinder, like a revolver. My mechanism uses the safety lever to lock the cylinder in place.

I plan to finish it in “black” rather than the silver we see in references. Beckett had a black RSKF-44 at the end of Solo, so I figure it’s legit, and prefer the look. Let Lando keep the bling!

Aside from a tiny bit of sanding on a couple pats these are straight off the printer, I just pulled off the supports. Most everything is held together by screws or snap fit, but I’m still waiting on some of the correct screws. No glue except to attach the foregrip to the barrel, which will screw on later.







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After I make a few more tweaks to make this "kit-able" I'm going to post an interest list for a short run. Not sure if there's much interest, but I'm having fun regardless!
Browsing through DL-44 pics for general amusement it hit me that my Lytle aluminum cast C96 is a perfect base for a copy of the resin stunt blaster Luke uses on Dagobah. When he pulls that blaster out on Dagobah theres something about the weight (or lack of) that made for a really memorable scene. When I was a kid this is what I pictured when drawing my blaster. Pew-pyeeeoooowwnnnn! ;) Sometimes it's hard to reconnect to that little Star Wars spark, so I always try to run with it! This one shouldn't be too hard at all....

For a start I spent an hour or so and modeled the classic MG81 flash hider but left off the holes. How many lines do you suppose there really are in that knurl??

I'm trying to decide whether to beat the crap out of it, but the real one is just too ugly, I think I'll go idealized on this build. Maybe I'll even actually build it some day! So, here's the flash hider...I expect that this will print nicely. :D
Easily’s some progress on the Dagobah/Muppet blaster. I modeled the and printed mount compromising crappiness with “accuracy”, and the square greeblie. Mauser is a Lytle cast C96 after stripping paint. Those are some nice replicas, I don’t care what anyone else says! M19 is in the “oven”.

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Sweat and blood vs 3d printing haha! Bull barrel done, this baby is nearly ready for paint. 3 days vs. basically never finish anything, I’m happy!


I got the bull barrel fitted, necessary spacers and “hardware” printed, holes drilled, I think I’m about ready for finishing. Not sure how I got the wind at my sails with this but I’m rolling with it...:D

Here’s pic with my “never finished” Denix based ANH DL-44 and a PortedToRealuty resin printed flash hider
This here Dagobah stunt blaster is just about done. Do I do something with the black paint besides a bit of edge weathering? Sure looks bland. And I’m trying to decide whether to try to get the bull barrel to match the cast Mauser texture. I’m trying not to get out of hand on this one!



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