Payday 2 - Houston's mask


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Hey, man. I just made a profile for the first time because I thought you did a great job, and wanted to let you know!
Was wondering if you could give me an idea of what kind o' silicon you used for the casting process?
Also, what you used for the actual slushing of the mask? I'm assuming it was urethane or something, but I'm a total newb.

I'm looking to make myself a Hoxton Reborn mask for a convention in October. :D
Cheers mate.


New Member
Nice! In NZ so I can't find Smooth-On too easy/cheap...Managed to get a trial set of Smooth-Cast 65D for the resin, think I'm gonna have to make my own silicone mold though. Cheers for the reply, check out my build if you got any tips for me :)
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