Pastel do you use them?

Robert McLain

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I'm really happy with the way my Star Destroyer turned out, but I think it needs a little something to bring out the details. For the high spots I intend to to do some drybrushing but before I do it I need to bring out the low spots/shadows. I usually use washes, but with the size of this ship I wonder if ground up pastel chalks might be better? I've never actually used them, so I thought I'd get some imput from someone that has. I'm mainly looking to bring out the scribed panel lines, but was wondering....would that look to overdone in this scale? Remember, the model is 31 inches long with a LOT of panel lines. Any help would be appreciated.


Boba Flint

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Just take the pastel and rub it on a scrap piece of sand paper so it turns into a powder. Dip a brush in the powder then "paint" it on. You can use a clean brush to feather it, varying the pressure on the brush will also give a diffrent look. There are also pastel pencils. Lightly draw ay streaks or what ever and use a Q-tip to feather it out again or use it to help create blaster marks.

Remember to seal the kit with flat laquer or the pastels can rub off.

Just play around with the pastels you'll get the hang of it and create the feeling you want.


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Good Advice. I love pastels! They are great on models that will not be handled much. I use the flat of an exacto blade to "powder" my chalk. Just scrape off what you need. Like said, use a brush to apply. Remember, the softer the brush, the more "cloudy" it goes on. If you want to simulate streaking, try a Q-tip or even your finger. I suggest that if you will not handle the model or if it will not be subjected to "fingers", to leave the chalk as is without sealing, especially if it will be in a case. Why? My experience is you lose alot of the effect when sealing as the chalk tends to disappear when sprayed with acrylic, hairsparay or other. You did an awesome job on the Star Destroyer!! Very impressive!
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