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Gone but not forgotten.
Just was wondering if anyone has been able to even make out what this part might look like? I've never seen any hi res shots of it and I think it's a key missing part. Not asking for an id,just a clear pic!
This is from the 5 footer,,,looks like it is missing in these pics!!! it looks to be a square looking part


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I'm obviously aware what model it's from as well as being aware it's missing. Just was wondering if anyone has a clear pic so I can I'd it. Perhaps an early archive pic.
Yeah it was gone long ago. But it's in such a pivotal spot. Thanks ,your pic is a lot better than mine. Maybe we can figure it out. I'm surprised it hasn't driven some of you Falcon enthusiasts crazy lol.
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Could it be one of these? Found on the side of the cockpit tube, I believe. You'd need some sizing measurements to be certain.
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Wow thanks MXM! The Lesalle? Don't think I know that kit. Is it a Tamiya? Any other info you can provide will be greatly appreciated!
I think MXM means the Aurora 39 Lasalle hearse?.
I checked a kit scan & I don't see it there, but I could be wrong.
I just googled it & searched in images, one comes up, not overly clear, but I'm just not seeing the part jump out at me.
Yeah Eagle I just checked it as well. I don't see a match. Maybe he means some other kit. Care to chime in MXM?
The Aurora '39 LaSalle Hearse doesn't seem to have any parts of that size & configuration (the height is only roughly twice the height of the piping that runs up to it...) as in a general "T" shape. I thought an engine accessory but a '39 doesn't have much. Perhaps another LaSalle kit is what he is referencing...
R/ Robert
Ummm yeah thanks for that info Robert.
MXM are you talking abou something else or is this just a guess?
On my buildup I've replaced the part with one of my own chosing,but a clear pic would be nice. I'm sure if we had one we could I'd it immediately. It just seems strange that there are no clear pics of it anywhere.

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