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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Birdie, May 16, 2006.

  1. Birdie

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    I need to paint some thin black lines on a prop (approx 1mm). It's a small area with plenty of curves, so masking isn't really an option.

    I'm afraid I don't have a steady enough hand to do this accurateley with a fine brush. Does anyone know if there is any sort of indelible marker that would be suitable to do this?

    I need to be able to scribe the lines on top of enamel paint.
  2. dropshipbob

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    Perhaps vinyl cut into thin strips? I did this for my USCM hand grenades.
  3. kurtyboy

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    Or those pin stripe decals like on the Jango Fett helmet.
  4. Fizbin

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    You might want to try using a "PIGMA Micron" pen. You can find them at any arts & crafts stores, such as Michael's. They are water proof and fade proof. I use to use these pens on model aircraft for the panel lines.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. Darth Detroit

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    Mask if off WITH pinstriping usually works for me.
  6. Stormtrooper

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Birdie @ May 16 2006, 08:53 PM) [snapback]1245272[/snapback]</div>
    Would you be painting the 'decal areas' on a stormtrooper helmet by any chance? I had a similar problem painting these areas on a trooper helmet I assembled a couple of years back, so I painted the black line around the (in this case, ear cover rectangles), and *then* 'filled in' the area with grey paint, and painted right up to the rough black line, which allowed me to overpaint much of the black with a smooth brushstroke of grey... leaving a fine black line behind...
    Incredibly difficult to explain, but hopefully you know what I mean.

    Otherwise you can get some black paint-markers... shake 'em and they rattle like a spray-can, then use 'em like a marker and the paint should have the same colour, lifespan etc. as 'real' paint.... as opposed to ink from a traditional marker pen.

  7. Birdie

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    I guess I didn't make myself very clear. These lines comprise an artistic design on a alien artifact, not a regimented military look. They are mostly curves following the the irregular shape of the artifact.

  8. WookieeGunner

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    Since it looks like all the lines are etched in, I would second the micron pens suggestion. These are used for drafting and you can find them in several sizes (I am pretty sure they come in <1mm sizes).
  9. gnrlotto

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    Or, if you have a good hobby store near you, find the best looking mini lead model in the display case, find out who did it, and then see if there's a way you could contact them, and for a nominal fee see if they would be willing to help you out.
  10. Jedi Lawja

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    WHAT is that prop? Where is it from?

  11. tk1608

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    Hi, Do you you need to have black lines where the engraved lines are ?..then a wash of black would do it.
    Games workshop black acrylic paint is good for this.
    If the finish on your prop is looks glossy on your pic, then apply a thinned down coat of the black paint into the engraving , wait a half minute or so, then wipe off any access with a cloth or kitchen paper and you should be left with the black in the engraving. If it removes any paint from the lines themselves, just re-apply. Just a bit of practice will do it.
    This paint can be thinned with just plain water, just alittle bit though, you don't want the paint to be too watery.
    I use this for panel lines on aircraft kits, can be used to accent anything with engraved lines tho..

    Hope it helps


  12. Boba Frett

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    <div class='quotetop'>(Jedi Lawja @ May 17 2006, 03:30 AM) [snapback]1245508[/snapback]</div>
    Same here,
    looks cool enough. :)
  13. HAL9000

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    you need a "La-ser"
  14. LeMarchand

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    it is a lighter from the movie Zeiram. I still need to finish mine.


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