Painting a PVC saber - what's best to use?


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Was wondering what paint would be the best to paint a PVC saber to give it a somewhat "metal" look? I haven't found one yet that I'm 100% satisfied with. Just wondering what everybody else uses. Thanks.


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PVC doesn't like solvent based paints. Go with an acrylic paint (water based) and it won't turn the surface of your PVC to chewing gum.

Dave :)

Darth Lars

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If it fits the part without showing any edges, metal tape is superior to any paint.
Just make sure it sticks well. You might need to brush additional glue on the surface first.


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Most everything I do PVC gets painted in Krylon Fusion satin black as a base coat. If I do a metalic-looking item, I'll then lightly use some aluminum colored paint (after at least a week for the Fusion to cure).


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Although it's a bit messy and might need to be touched up from time to time, rub-n-buff works great. It's a paste that you smear onto the surface and rub around (I use my finger) to create friction. It has a really convincing metallic sheen to it when finished.
I'm not sure how well it would hold up to being handled a lot though.

Corbin Das